No New Clothes Update: June

I did it, after 7 months without purchasing one clothing or accessory item, I splurged. I spent $15 on a pair of sandals.

I have 3 pairs of sandals, but none are made all plastic with a standard slip-on (which won’t get funky over time). One pair is leather with suede, which hasn’t worked out well in the garden, whoops. The other 2 pair are a strange design for barefoot walking, which I love, but aren’t ideal for use in wet conditions as they become extremely slippery!

I needed a pair to fit quite a few credentials: all plastic for easy cleaning and drying in wet conditions, general purpose, not flip-flop style, but slip-on with a good bottom grip and obviously low cost. I wanted something I could use at the local indoor pool for swimming, for gardening and mucking up outdoors, and other general use as a quick go-to sandal.

I used to own an amazing pair that fit the bill for over a decade, but two years ago I got rid of them in favor of a fancier sandal for dressier events, assuming my barefoot sandals would take their place. I missed those slip-ons but tried to work with what I had for as long as I could. In the end, my leather/suede sandal didn’t function well in wet conditions, and my barefoot sandals were not good for wet slides on floors!

You’d think a simple plastic slide on sandal would be easy to find. Not so young Frugal-Momster.

Apparently, every new sandal these days has some sort of cloth on the upper or memory foam on the lower section. Both of those wouldn’t work in varying wet and dry conditions; over time, they would degrade and smell or need to be replaced seasonally.

I started my hunt online but found no such luck. I ended up going to 3 stores to find what I was looking for; which ended up being in the men’s section at a discount store. Score, they were $5 off, too!

This challenge is about being very mindful of my clothing/shoe/accessory spending. I don’t feel bad one bit about shelling out that money for a pair of sandals that should last me several years to come. I’ve been living in them far more than any other shoe these days, so the cost per wear is going down by leaps and bounds daily.

In addition to my spending spree, I received several new clothing items that were with tags from a family friend who passed away. She loved Land’s End and was similar in size; oftentimes she gave me items she purchased and later decided she didn’t like. She wasn’t one for trying on clothes, nor returns! In the bags, there were a bunch of really stylish sweaters, a few lounge pants, and some tops that were perfect for what I needed in my in-between size. Thanks Mar!

June also started my journey with Tidying up the KonMari way, more on that process soon! It was so nice to purge 5 bags of clothes to donate; even donating items purchased in the past year but that truly did not bring me joy.

Now, when I look at my clothing or choose something to wear, it’s far easier because all of the items in my closet and drawers bring me joy. Of course, some items still don’t fit me just yet, but soon enough everything in my wardrobe will fit my post-partum baby weight-loss size or be too large and ready to donate.