Homemade PlayDoh

We’ve not had a lot of time in the kitchen despite being home all day. I fit in spurts here and there when the kiddos seem to be calm. Otherwise, the day is filled with meals, playtime, nap times, and repeat. That Crab is getting so big and energetic he’s wearing us all out!

We did however, get a chance to try out homemade playdoh. I never would’ve thought this is something I’d be cooking up in the kitchen a decade ago!

We followed the recipe here: https://youtu.be/oGrpsQ57w5Y

She also has a non-cooking recipe that uses food coloring, but the Jello smells so much better.

We ended up adding a bit more flour, as ours was quite mushy and sticky. Monkey had no problem mixing it up and squishing in the extra flour.

Then he ran off to play with it for awhile before we stored it in the fridge.
I’m sure it’s more cost effective to make it at home because of how pricey play dough can be, but it does use a lot of salt! I’m curious to see how long it lasts, as if it lasts much longer it’ll be worth making it at home.

Plus, the smell is far better and the elasticity and feeling of it is really nice. I kind of want to play playdoh for a while now…