KonMari Method: Tidying Clothes

Over a month ago I mentioned I started reading the KonMari Method for tidying your home. I managed to fit in the first section of the book while we’re working on office renovations. According to Kondo’s method, the first space you begin to tidy is your closet.

When we started our frugal journey and downsized many of our possessions over six years ago, I had removed all storage boxes of clothing and kept every item I owned in a drawer or in my closet within sight. Since our move two years ago, and being pregnant, I went back to storing clothing in bins in various sizes for postpartum.

While I have yet to reach my goal weight/size of pre-partum days past, I liked her focus on items bringing you “joy” and realized that I didn’t need to keep smaller sized clothing that definitely didn’t spark joy in my life.

I wouldn’t want to wear those items when I shrink, either. So, while I was holding out on cleaning out my clothing for some time, through her words I began to realize that any time is a good time.

As with every category of items you go through, you’re supposed to lay out every single item in the category in one place and touch them one at a time, asking yourself if they spark joy. If you leave any items out of the pile and don’t do this, you’re supposed to automatically donate them. This is to get you to find everything in your house in that category. So, while all of my clothing is piled up here, I also took out coats and other items not pictured.


After going through piece by piece, I ended up with about two bags full, over 150+ items, to donate. I was amazed at things I was saving for years because they brought a good memory, or I had hoped to one day look good in them. In the end, they didn’t bring me joy. I cringed if I wore them, and I was tired of holding on. So, off they went for donation.

After you clean out your clothing, Kondo gives you a method for folding and storing your clothes. I quite like it, now after using it over a month since cleaning out, and I can easily find everything I own (except black shirts which I have to go through to find the one I want each time!).

Everything piled up in different categories of types of use ready to be put away.

This is what my closet looked like after. Kondo suggests to keep everything folded, but I just didn’t want to fold some dresses and blouses. I pulled a shelving unit from the baby’s closet that was just sitting empty (formerly used in the office) and was able to outfit it with everything I owned mostly folded. I now can see my summer on top, winter on bottom, and smaller sizes in drawers for when I’m ready.

Her folding method offers you the opportunity to open the drawer and see everything that is available. I always tended to put fresh laundered items on top and re-wear them often – don’t we all? Now, I can easily grab from anywhere in the drawer (these are my workout tops) and wear what I’m interested in that day.

Overall, this first category was liberating. Since I’m not buying any clothing for a year (it’s been hard at times being so overweight to skip a well-fitted pair of pants) I won’t have to worry about overflowing my drawers or closet, nor rotating for seasons.

I actually have some empty drawers now and plan to get rid of more as I shrink. Currently, I’ve been holding steady at the same weight for months, up and down a few pounds, but I have an interesting swap coming up that will make a huge dent in my health goal.

Next up, probably not until the fall, I’ll tackle Kondo’s category on books. I don’t actually own a lot of books, as I’ve donated or sold off most but my favorites. I do know I’m holding on to more that I haven’t opened in years. I did go through the kids books and reorganized/donated many so that they have a nice setup with baby and first-reader books in their rooms.

Do you keep your clothing stored away in bins? Do you rotate seasonally?

I used to and found I’d often buy a shirt or two on sale at the end of a season that I already owned when I rotated my clothes! I definitely have preferred to have it all within reach, especially if we take a trip to a different seasonally location in the middle of winter or vice versa.

Tell me in the comments how you organize your clothing.