No New Clothes: July Edition

It’s now been 9 months since I started the challenge to stop buying new clothes for a year.

I’ve only purchased a pair of sandals last month, in June, and that’s it! While I have realized I may need to replace some undergarments, I’m okay with waiting to look at any clothes until a later date and most likely will look to thrift stores.

It’s not been easy every day for every occasion, as I am losing the weight I gained from baby. While for most that’s not an issue, I balloon up 50+ lbs with each child and then work my way back down in a year or so after.

In losing weight, it’s been hard to fit into my regular clothes, but maternity clothes are too big and chafe. Thankfully, it’s summer and I can get away with the same shirts and shorts for awhile.

I’ve started getting closer to a smaller size, being able to button old shorts again and wear old tops! If I can lose another 10-15lbs I should be close to fitting into my fall clothes without much fanfare.

Overall, I love to add clothing to my Amazon Wishlist, and then a few weeks later delete it as the feeling of need has passed. I do plan to get new undergarments, as mine are quite old and worn out from growing and shrinking with a baby the past two years.

I’ll keep you posted as to my shopping adventures or lack thereof each month! Only 3 months left of this awesome challenge, and I’m sure I’ve saved quite a bit in the process, especially considering my current clothes conundrum.

My next challenge might be trying “One Year No Beer” again (I made it 60-90 days and saved a lot of cash not buying alcohol). It aligns with other goals perfectly for the coming year.

Have you bought any clothes this month?