No New Clothes: August Edition

August proved to be another great month without clothes shopping! I did pick-up the undergarments I mentioned last month, but otherwise, I came up with a new way to spin old clothes.

I love my race t-shirts, but it’s been hot here and they’ve not been ideal for running in. They are a little oversized and comfortable, but I wasn’t willing to get rid of them just yet. Instead, I checked out YouTube for some cool ideas to upcycle old t-shirts.

I cut up a few of the shirts to be new tank tops for running. One day, when I’m a bit happier with my size, maybe I’ll make slightly fancier shirts to wear out.

Another great thing this idea sparked was getting Chris to tidy his clothing up. He went through all of his shirts and gave me some new ones to cut up as well.

I did, however, spend $10 on a glue gun and fabric scissors this month to make some of the t-shirts.

The rest of the family did not get anything new this month, except our Monkey got a new pair of sneakers for school. He grew out of his sneakers from last spring over the summer, definitely a growth spurt for him, so we picked up his first pair of actual running sneakers. I’m excited to see him run around more this fall, as he loves to do fartleks from telephone pole to pole or mailbox to mailbox when we go on walks!