No New Clothes: September Edition

It’s been 10 months since I started the Year of No New Clothes inspired by Mrs. Frugalwoods. Let’s see how far I’ve come…

I didn’t purchase any new clothing items for myself, nor the family, but there’s a little more to the month’s story than that.

While we were in the city for our anniversary, I was rather nervous the theater was going to be chilly. Chris told me ahead of time not to bring a sweater, but I was antsy as I dislike being cold for any amount of time. The thought of 2 hours in a cold theater frightened me. So, I decided on the way up to the theater (we walked 20ish blocks, it was free!) to stop at H&M to buy a low-cost sweater for $14.99.

After we got to the theater, I realized what a mistake! It was rather warm and humid in the theater for the entire show. What made it worse was that I had to keep this sweater on my lap, which made me even warmer. Hashtag fail.

Walking back down to the train station after the show, I had planned to return the sweater, but Chris insisted I just hold on to it. We took the train home, sweater, tag, receipt and all.

A week later it was still sitting on the bench in our living room. I definitely wasn’t going to wear it, so I decided I would return it. I felt so relieved to get rid of this new item acquired through impulse and nary a wear. Once it was safely back in the store, the pressure was off.

This journey over the past 10 months has been amazing. I no longer am able to turn to clothes shopping as a hobby; saving myself lots of time wasted in stores and quite a bit of money. Before this, I never realized how much I paid attention to clothing stores, sections, or sales. Once I got used to this idea, I stopped even wandering around the clothing sections of big stores, as it just was no longer an option and eventually no longer an interest.

I am forced to make outfits out of items I own and mostly tend to wear the same clothes over and over again. I still have far more than I need, and I still have 30lbs to lose to fit into my normal clothing again. Most likely, I’ll continue on this frugal no new clothes journey past the first year, as I see no reason to purchase anything for myself anytime soon.

Once I reach my goal weight, I might just have to splurge on a new running something… Otherwise, most purchases, just as they have been this past year, will be shoe-related for running.