My Recent Paint Nite Experience

At the end of the summer, my friend Steph sent me a sale email for the latest craze: Paint Nite (or insert any variety of company who hosts these). We had been hoping to meetup for one of these silly events for the past year.

The nights are normally around $45 for the painting lesson, but this was over 50% off if you purchased the voucher for $20 and use it when you’re ready (within 6 months).

It was a Groupon style deal, of which I’ve never used before. I know I, the Frugal Momster, have never used Groupon, but alas I don’t shop much anymore and we basically just pay bills and buy food. Twenty dollars for a fun night out with a friend is doable. I don’t do it that often, so it doesn’t add up.

I dutifully purchased the Paint Nite voucher and vowed to make a date with Steph, as she’s done one of these before and enjoyed it. Considering I could do it at over half the price, I was definitely interested to try it out. After two months, we finally locked down a date and a painting we both liked.

We met up for dinner ahead of time at the restaurant where it was being held. I enjoyed chicken fajitas and she munched on a healthy salmon salad. We relaxed and caught up, as we don’t get together as often these days with work schedules and my little kiddos in the mix. Once finished with dinner, we nabbed our spot in the painting room.

I was a bit nervous as to how this would all go down, as I haven’t picked up a paint brush in over five years. I used to enjoy painting on canvas, but was never thoroughly good at it. I made a few skylines in my day, but I never put in any time to learn. Thinking back, if YouTube videos on painting techniques existed years ago, I might be more of an avid painter.

The instructor was great. Each step was very simple.

Basically working your art horizontally across the canvas with thin amounts of paint and building upon each layer to finish with the leaves on top.

It was surprisingly easier than I had imagined, and quite a lot of fun. And I learned in the process how much more awesome my friend Steph is.

She used to love painting and art growing up; something I never knew. It was so nice to connect with her in an element she looked so at home with. I loved watching her confidently paint her canvas in the style she wanted, using brush strokes I had no idea how to form.

We talked for two hours, joked about our painting skills, and had a good time connecting over our joys and sorrows. While we would’ve had just as much fun out doing something else, there was something very calm and peaceful about sitting with a friend and painting together.

I am so thankful I had the opportunity to create something personal while sharing a personal experience together with Steph.

I definitely plan to hang my painting on my wall; Chris already offered to make a frame for it. And I’d like to go out for another Paint Nite again, of course at half the regular price, if you’d care to join me.

Steph said they have sales all the time, so here’s a frugal tip: if you want to try a Paint Nite (or another company) sign-up for their email list and wait for a good deal. You’ll eventually get one.

Do I think these things are gimmicky at times? Sure. Painting nights have become the latest craze, but in this case it’s so therapeutic to paint, relax, and talk with a friend while learning and creating in the process. That’s where being frugal comes in. For me, it was worth the $20 painting lesson and time spent with a friend. To you, it may not be worth the cost, and that’s super okay.

It’s reminded me how much I used to enjoy putting brush to canvas and how I hope to get into more of a painting rhythm again in the future. You know, after I complete the other long never-ending list of goals I have!

Have you ever tried a Paint Nite style event?