October 2016 Frugal Momster Expense Report

October was a pretty normal month for us. We are back in our frugal budget groove.

I’m super excited to learn how to change my own oil tomorrow on my newer car, too. Apparently, when you get it changed they give you the lowest grade oil, so now I’ll have the highest to keep Lucy Blue running.

My brother is going to guide me, but I’ve already watched a ton of videos as well. I need to pick-up a specific tool $10 and a drip pan $10 for the next time.

We didn’t buy any new Halloween costumes, but we used what we had from last year. Chris designed Monkey’s Robot costume from things we had around the garage. It turned out to be awesome and it even lit up! Ruby wore a costume I bought on clearance last year: a little shrimp. The Crab just wore a hand-me-down Halloween shirt from his big brother.

Monkey wasn’t into trick-or-treating too much, so our Halloween candy stash has already been demolished!

Let’s see how our frugal budget expenses broke down for the month:
ItemAmountMom$ter Musings
Mortgage/Taxes/Ins$3468.81 We upped our payment to $2,000 per month but also had to prepay for an escrow shortage on the account. It actually wasn’t short, but the law allows the bank to ask for a maximum of $1468.81 to be in the account, and guess what, they wanted that money. I fought it, and I am still looking into it.
Auto Maintenance$36.89I decided to learn how to change my own oil on my Rav4, so this is for the 5 quarts of synthetic oil and the filter cost.
Donations$29.00 A fundraiser and membership for Monkey’s school.
Education$150.00 This is for a professional conference I’m attending and will get reimbursed for.
Food$614.55We didn’t do so well to bring this down this month. Though we spent on budget or less weekly, we did manage a few meals out.
Health & Medical$27.50 I paid to run a race in November; which improves my health!
Leisure$13.00 For school portraits for the Monkey.
Cash Allowances$400 We use this mainly for gas for commuting to work.
Pets$40.85We purchased a dehydrated dog food for Ruby, she loves it so much! Should last us a few months.
Projects$59.49 A back door light switch and re-caulked around the tub, well, Chris did.
Total Spent$5,028.16This was a pretty high-cost month for us, mainly due to the mortgage escrow expense.
Without Mortgage$1,559.35Lower than last month, it’s a win!
Wondering why some bills may be missing from this report?

The September 2016 Expense Report holds the answers.

I’m Enjoying Creating Expense Reports…

These reports have made me review our spending habits far more than I have in the past. They only take a few minutes and I have a picture of the month. You may forget the little purchases you make each month shortly thereafter. Reviewing where your money has gone is a quick way to see if you’re staying true to your goals.