An Upper Respiratory Infection: Week 3 of Marathon Training

I got an early start this week, hoping not to make the same mistakes from the week before as I let things go and go and go… and then ended up sick. Despite being diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and double eye infections this week, after a long week prior coughing and not sleeping, I managed to still get in some decent workouts and keep up with my training plan. Two weeks of life being difficult and my body not being healthy, I’m ready to get back into the groove of regular workouts and feeling semi-normal again.

Here’s how the week broke down:

  • Mon – 30 min walk / 30 min run
  • Tues – 30 min walk
  • Wed – 30 min walk
  • Thurs – off
  • Fri – off
  • Sat – 30 min run
  • Sun – Gobbler Express Train Run 2.5 miles run / 2 miles run / walk at home after (race recap)

This was a scene on one of my runs this week. We had several days of gorgeous weather, to end the weekend with a cold, windy, and frigid race day. I try to remind myself how much I have always loved running in the colder weather. It’s just been so long since I have done it, that I don’t want to be cold again!