No New Clothes for a Year: COMPLETE!

On this, the biggest shopping day of the year, I thought I’d update you on my “No New Clothes Buying” experience. The year is complete, as I stopped buying clothing for myself primarily over a year ago this season.

I’ve made it through an entire year not buying any new clothes!

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I did break that streak this month when I went ahead and bought a new fleece vest to wear to work.

This past year I’ve only spent money on shoes and undergarments, with some race t-shirts mixed in. In the end, far less than I would’ve spent overall had shopping been the routine.

This year has been difficult losing the baby weight, with 10-30lbs more to go while desiring to fit back into my old clothing. I still don’t plan to buy much going forward, as I have more than enough and just need to get healthier to enjoy it. I had hoped by now I’d be a lot less heavy and fit into all of my clothing. No such luck, but I’m still working at it and will save as much as I can in the process before updating my wardrobe.

I am thankful I took this challenge, as it’s saved me time and money from looking through stores. I also realize how fortunate I am that I can make a decision like this, as I have the financial ability to choose whether or not to spend my income on clothing and brand new or used at that.

On a rather bizarre note, I did wear out the seat of my Target jeans that I bought a year ago and have since replaced them with a pair of Banana Republic jeans at $7 from Goodwill. They are much more sturdy, so I think they’ll last quite a bit longer.

I won’t be updating the regular posts about not buying clothing as I have for the past year, but I’ll pop in from time to time to share any updates or changes. In the next few months, you’ll definitely see a new pair of running sneakers. I’ve been trying to find my new favorite and have gone through many trials and returns.