DIY Opening a Wall doesn’t have to be costly

I mentioned the other day that we opened the wall to our kitchen. It’s been a decision I am so very pleased with, but Chris was adamant against for two years before I convinced him to do it. After trying to hang shelves on that side wall for the second time unsuccessfully, I said either open it up, or I’ll do it myself. I’m a tough project manager to deal with. And this project cost $0 and just time.

We didn’t want to have to rerun electricity and the thermostat on the opposite side of the wall, plus a vent, so that’s why we made a window vs. opening it completely.

First, he drew a line on the wall to make the square where he was going to open the wall.

Then he outlined the opposite side as to where to cut the drywall down.

Once both sides were removed, he had to cut through the wood in the center and rebrace the sides.

Once the sides were reinforced, he squared it off with metal strips and filled it in with drywall and mudd.

Oh, the light this window brought into the kitchen was fantastic and the ability to talk to the kids at the table or see them in the living room is great.

This is the view from the other side:

I’m glad I pressed Chris on doing this project. It took a few days this summer, but I am thankful he did it. I believe he is happier with it open as well, as we talk more easily when we’re cooking or cleaning up the kitchen. I love the light it adds and the feel of being more open to the rest of the house while working in the kitchen. Monkey loves to stand on a stool and pop up over the window to chat while I’m working in the kitchen.

We finished it with a nice wood piece for the shelf so the drywall wouldn’t get stained or dirty over time with the kids putting things there. You can see the wood in the backsplash tiling post.