I’m not a failure despite failing at many things: Week 4 of marathon errr half marathon training

Before I get into my training from last week, here’s a few accomplishments I’ve had over the Thanksgiving weekend.

I completed my baby guy’s crochet animal hats, plus several more for gifts. The Monkey now has his special sock monkey hat!

The Crab has a fun little monster. I hope to eventually find a crab pattern I like and will whip him up a crab hat in the future!

I did go out for a little holiday shopping on Saturday. While out, I snagged a pair of new Yurbuds headphones, which I haven’t updated my current pair in at least 5-7 years (I can’t remember, but they are a few years pre-children for sure).

This new pair is designed to allow in ambient sounds, which is perfect for running with my beeping watch and hearing cars or people around me. I no longer have to run with one of the headphones tucked in my shirt. They are much more comfortable. I’m impressed and glad I splurged the $10 for them.

So, after the Train Run, I managed to get very little accomplished in the way of running and/or walking last week.

On Thanksgiving, I did a 30-minute walk and a 30-minute run. Then on Saturday, I did a 30-minute walk and that was about that.

To my credit, Saturday was supposed to be anywhere from a 30-minute run to a 6-mile run, but I went to the trails in an old pair of yoga pants that started to fall down while running. Like really fall off… That’s a good thing, I think… So, I canceled the run and walked 2 miles. That’s when I realized I was in dire need of at least a fitted pair of winter running tights.

I spent a few hours going from store to store to try to find the best bargain (as I plan to continue to lose weight), but I ended up getting a pair of winter tights from my favorite place, Under Armor. Before I left the store, I decided upon two pair and a lightweight vest (my favorite running vest is too small, but I will fit in it next winter!).

I do have a pair of winter tights, but they are also about 7 years old and will fit in another 10lbs or so. The new tights I purchased are smaller and should fit me down to a decent size, so I am not worried it was money lost. Plus, if it means I run more, then it’s worth the small $60 investment in my health.

Since then, I’ve kept up pretty well with my workouts.

Monday I went for a run in the early evening and brought Ruby along. She’s done well on my 1-2 mile walks, so I thought maybe she’d like a jog. She kept up (I’m slow) very well for the entire 30-minute run. She was a champ.

Tuesday I walked 30 minutes as on my plan.

Wednesday I ran 30 minutes again, attempting to bring Ruby, but she was done around the 1-mile mark and looking around for when it was time to go home. We finished the distance with a bit more walking than running.

You can see my new pants and vest. Ah, so much more comfortable to run in than cotton!

This was the beauty I witnessed while out with her. Just a gorgeous fog over calm waters.

And over the weekend, we were on the tail end of our homemade dog biscuits for Ruby, so I whipped up a fresh batch. This time I made a pumpkin peanut butter recipe with whole wheat flour.

She loves them! I am always surprised too at how many the recipes make, they sure last us awhile. I filled two entire cookie sheets for about 45 cookies. She gets usually 1 per day in the morning or after a run/walk. I store the bulk of them in the freezer and take out a few to keep in the fridge each week. I learned before if I leave them out, they rot rather quickly.

So, why the change from marathon training to half marathon training?

Well, first off I was hit with a nice Black Friday discount on a local half marathon I had a DNF for a few years ago when I injured both of my peroneal tendons and walked off the course after the first mile in tears and extreme pain. It’s the weekend before the marathon I was originally shooting for.

Secondly, I was behind on my mileage and feeling quite stressed and overwhelmed. When I set out for a 6 mile run in loose yoga pants and had to give up in the first mile, I felt defeated. Combine that with weeks of defeat from an upper respiratory infection, eye infections, and the kids being sick (Monkey is now on his second round of meds and may need more treatments after being sick for over a month now)… and I have been wiped out. I needed to give myself a break, and dropping down in distance was where the bow broke.

I am training with an intermediate half marathon plan, similar to the marathon training plan, and hope to possibly whip out a special event in the spring. Time will tell, but for now, I’m going to have to accept this failure and continue to press on.

The good thing about failing often is that it means I’m still trying. I’d rather attempt a lot in life and fail, then to be too afraid to try in the first place.

I already feel motivated and invigorated since making this decision (as you can see I’m on track this week with all of my workouts again). When clothes fit, it makes a huge difference in how great a workout can be.

I do however feel more of a hermit lately and would purely love to avoid most all social interaction for quiet walks and runs in the woods. I’m an introvert and my tank has been drained for months. I don’t get any personal down time, except for sleeping, as every minute of the day someone seemingly needs my attention or help. I need alone time and even my runs aren’t giving me nearly enough these days.

If you don’t see me out socializing for awhile, now… you know why.