Time is Precious.

I’m not a huge fan of Nike, but I did find this video to be a good reminder of time wasted.

As someone who is on the journey to better health and who has removed social media for two months recently, I’m reminded that time is precious. Two weeks ago I returned to Instagram and Twitter, but have still found I dislike being in those spaces. Not for the occasional rude comments, but the time it wastes in my life.

I get sucked into swiping and reading other’s stories which hold me back from living and creating my own story. I’d rather improve my life than spend hours of it hunched over my iPod. I never used my iPod less than in the two months I left social media.

The past two weeks have been up and down with training. My back has given me quite a lot of pain. I didn’t run last week, or walk, other than doing the Santa Run. I realize this is counterintuitive and will be moving more going forward.

Here are 3 ways I will be working to recondition my body and remove pain:

Developing sound eating habits.

I am tracking my intake, not so much for calorie quantities, but for the quality of what I’m consuming and noting why I’m consuming it. I’ve moved too far away from fresh foods and into food that feed random binges (salts/sweets) when I feel stressed.

Stress eating is the main issue with losing added weight and I am taking it one day at a time to stop doing it. My new focus for stress eating will be replacing it with push-ups. When I feel the urge, usually at home with the kids on my own, I’ll just start doing some. I bet Monkey will join in, and Crab will probably jump on my back… ouch.


I always fall in love with running and out of love with other important physical challenges. I tend to get into my running plan and leave behind squats, push-ups, and the like. I am adding in cross-training days to my workouts to avoid injury and rebuild muscle. This will also improve my running and overall energy. I miss feeling sore throughout my body, for good reasons, and it will eliminate the soreness I am feeling now.

Recommitting to myself.

Oftentimes, I leave my own needs behind in taking care of my kiddos, husband, dog, and household. I push off workouts, I eat poorly out of convenience or stress, and I worry too much about things that don’t matter. I remember a time when my fitness and health were a top priority, not for vanity’s sake, but for energy and achievement.

The better I care for myself, the better I am able to help and give to others. I’m making myself a priority, my goals a priority, and taking time out to workout and cook healthier meals without feeling guilty. Or at least I’m going to try… I feel guilty a lot when I head out for a run while the kids are awake.

We all have the power to commit to our own well-being. We waste a lot of time on social media, or in other spaces that are not serving us, our goals or our health. And as Mr. Money Mustache points out in Principle #4, the world is our gym.

Let’s go out and play!