7 Days of Crochet: Octopus Hat

Last January, I finally learned how to crochet.

My Mom was always one who I admired for her crocheting and knitting skills. She could whip up a baby blanket in one afternoon with a pattern from her head. Or she’d watch a football game and work on her creations without looking down.

Always fascinated, I could never seem to learn from her left-handed attempts at teaching me. This time last year, I was talking with a colleague who was an avid crocheter. She offered to show me, even though left-handed as well. After her short lesson in January, I took to YouTube and started talking to my mom and other crocheters I work with; learning where they find free patterns online.

My Mom lent me a J crochet hook and a ball of white yarn. I made horrible creation upon creation until I started to get the hang of it.

I began making hats, and scarves, and anything else I saw that looked interesting. My favorite was a soft cuddly nautical baby blanket I gave away as a gift and a comfy, colorful winter hat for myself.

In July, for my birthday, I had asked Chris for a few crocheting books I found interesting. Two were animal hat pattern books for children and adults, and one was a bootie/slipper pattern book for newborns and infants.

Cut to this fall, and I decided to tackle a major project that would test my time management, my skill, and my ability to learn entirely new patterns. After all is said and done, I made seven hats! It wasn’t easy, but the result is so beautiful and fun! I hope my nieces and nephews love them for years to come!

This first hat was created for my niece Julia who just has such a huge fun personality in a small package.

Octopus Hat

How fun is this pattern?! I loved the tentacles and bought enough yarn to make one for myself.

Octopus Hat

For the rest of the week I’ll be sharing all the hats I’ve created for your enjoyment!

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