No, You Weren’t Cut from Our Christmas Card List

We never got around to sending out Christmas cards this year. Truth.

I didn’t even stage a photo op for the kiddos regarding a Christmas photo. Gasp.

It just wasn’t on my priority list, and well, Chris also didn’t push to get it done, either.

Being a mom can be quite exhausting without keeping up with expectations like holiday cards or themed birthday parties. Having two boys between 1-5 years old is more than my usual cup of tea, and I find myself wiped out more than I’d like to admit.

As I focused on what I wanted the next year to bring, I decided it was just not a big deal to send out a Christmas card.

I know I’m not alone.

My sister-in-law has never sent one out, including the year I took the absolute most amazing Christmas pictures of their kids. In my opinion.

My friend Liz sent out her Christmas card from last year along with this year’s card. She was one step ahead of me; she created a card in the first place.

Initially, we figured we’d get around to it in the new year and send out a “warm wishes for the winter” type of card. Well, that’s not about to happen anytime soon.

“Christmas in July” is the next opportune time.

We’ll revisit the idea closer to the summer, okay?