Two Thousand Seventeen and Me.

For a few weeks now you’ve probably heard about resolutions, goals, and big dreams for 2017. Or the doom and gloom of what lies ahead, if you read the news.

Breaking news, my new year always begins in August, as it just happened to work out that way back in 2002 when I made some major life and health changes that still stick with me today: i.e. running.

You won’t find specific goals or yearly resolutions posted here. Not this week anyway. Instead, you’ll find those being set, completed, or ultimately failed at throughout the year. You’re welcome.

What I will share with you is a focus word or philosophy for the year. Get ready for it.

Two thousand and seventeen is going to be the year of ME.

Me. Me. Me.

I’ve spent more than the last half of a decade dedicated to everyone else in my life besides – – myself. I have incubated, birthed and cared for two children, as well as cared for my husband and dog, Ruby. I’ve set aside my personal passions, desires, or physical and mental health to make sure everyone else was taken care of in their time of need.

This choice to choose others over myself became more apparent to me in the last several weeks, as I sought out support for one of my children and attended functions that I otherwise would’ve chosen to do something different with my (or our) time.

Coming this year it’ll be a little more evident to those around me that I’m consciously choosing how to spend my day: with whom and doing what.

Conscious spending (frugal living) meet conscious use of time.

My calendar is often not filled up, as I despise the illusion of busy. Instead, Chris and I leave quite a bit of time open for spending time together as an immediate family that slowly gets blocked off for requests of our time. Sometimes, we fill it up seeking to spend time with others who may have never actually put forth the same effort.

Instead of filling in those spaces, I’ll be choosy as to how I will pick off that free/family time and how we manage our time going forward.

In reflection on the past year, I spent time doing things I didn’t quite want or need to be a part of, or just that didn’t serve my goals. I spent time with people who didn’t inspire me to be better, do more, or improve, but instead brought me down.

In retrospect, the past year could have led to even greater self-improvement if not for these distractions of my time and energy.

It is all not to say that I won’t end up having to be in a place when I don’t want to be, but I’m making the conscious choice to be more selective with my time when I can.

I’ve started with 5 am workouts during the week which has proven to advance my running goals and training significantly. After completion of said workouts, the hardest part of the day is behind me. I’ve done for myself first before everyone else.

My philosophy for the year may seem selfish, but let me remind you that if you don’t put on your oxygen mask first, you’re not going to help others, because well, you’d be dead. I will better help others by putting myself at the front of the line.

I’m thankful to the universe for bringing about this reminder recently and to Chris for supporting me. He knows what a difference it will make for us, our family, and our growth this year. And thank YOU for coming along for the journey while I focus on this ol’ gal once again.

It’s going to be an adventurous ride…