What I’ve Been Eating on the 8Safe Elimination Diet

It’s been 3 weeks into the 8Safe Elimination Diet and it has not been easy.

I don’t believe in strict dieting, and this reminds me why I ascribe to “everything in moderation” as my motto. An elimination diet is no small feat, it’s harder than any diet I’ve ever heard about… I believe in small changes, not swift changes if you’re trying to get healthier or lose weight. I went into this diet knowing it was a true diet, not to lose weight, but a short term approach to get some answers. Boy, answers I am finding…

In week one, I ran into a massive headache and exhaustion by the end of the week. That derailed my morning workouts since that first week and I haven’t been up that early since. It also told me that I obviously had some food sensitivities.

In week two, I ran into the loss of motivation just praying for a slice of pizza and a beer. I ended up testing out two gluten-free-ish beers that one proved to be okay, but the other proved to possibly have gluten based on my reaction to it (and their non-guarantee that it completely removed gluten). Sigh.

In week three, I felt completely unsure why I was doing this to myself; tired of fake cheese, chicken, and vegetables. Corn pasta? Not too bad. By the end of week three, though, I was feeling so much better (aside from the massive head cold that hit me), that I didn’t want to go into the testing phase this week.

Before I get into more about the beginning of the testing phase, I thought I’d share with you the food I have been enjoying on the elimination diet. Reading labels for every little item is the norm now, like even on cooking spray; soy lecithin, really?!

Most days, I eat chicken or beef with vegetables. I have used a variety of seasonings or sauces, all minus the 8 allergens.

Here are a few regular meals:

  • breakfast: banana, coconut milk, honey, cocoa powder smoothie or gluten-free oats
  • lunch: baked chicken with vegetables
  • dinner: baked chicken or ground beef with vegetables, corn pasta with a homemade meat sauce, or a banana cream smoothie
  • snacks: black bean brownies, chips with salsa, or fruit

When I was dying for a slice of pizza, Kelly told me about Daiya who offered a pizza alternative with a rice crust and their tapioca cheese. It was pretty good and I bought 3 more after this one. A bit pricey, but it’s not long term. If it turns out to be long term, I’ll start to make my own cauliflower crusts with a vegetable topping.

The cheese melts nicely and has a great texture and flavor for a mock pizza.

Since I liked the pizza, I ventured into using the shredded cheese from Daiya. It is pretty good for a substitute. While I don’t love the longer list of ingredients, I do enjoy how it melts and tastes in place of cheddar. It kind of makes me not miss cheddar cheese.

Their mozzarella was great on another pizza I had and was very gooey, too.

Yummy! Taco Tuesday! Or Monday, because that’s how we defy conformity.

Black bean brownies have been fantastic for my sweet tooth. They also fill the void for something bakery like. I pair them with Silk coconut whipped cream or coconut milk.

This was one of the beers in question and I felt no adverse reaction to this brand, but it wasn’t super delicious either. I have had quite my fair share of chips on this diet, which I don’t normally consume, but they have filled my desire for salty goodness.

And another delicious dessert are these sunflower seed butter cups. They have no allergens and taste pretty great. I love the flavor and texture, and with these I don’t miss peanut butter too much.

I’ve tried overall to subsist with homemade and fresh foods. Week 2 through 3 was my downfall heading to the store to get some prepared foods. I was so strict the first week, not realizing I could eat foods that may have been processed in allergen facilities, that I think I just needed something, anything, made for me. I’m back on track this week, as you’ll see my food prep and updates to come for this week’s meals.

While I am nervous to find out what affects my body, I also am starting to feel more empowered by this experience. The fact that I stuck it out over 3 weeks with temptation around every turn in order to honor what my body needs is huge for me. A few days ago, I would’ve said “putting myself first has turned out to be a disaster” but now I feel like I’m gaining a lot of knowledge.

My body felt so good after 3 weeks eliminating all of these allergens, I am afraid to introduce them back. I do believe going forward I will be more picky as to how I feed my body and listen to it more. It just feels so much better.