Sunday Meal Prep and Fancy Sodas

This entire process has been somewhat life-changing for me. While I planned to hide away for a few months and take time for me, I have learned a lot about my body in 3 short weeks.

I can understand why Kelly is excited to help others through the program. I have felt a lot better, more energetic, and a lot less inflamed. A few things dawned on me as well…

After listening to a few One Year No Beer podcasts it dawned on me that I am just not into drinking anymore. Alcohol has always led me down a dark path and going through the 90-day OYNB challenge twice last year, I realize how remarkably improved my life and mood is without it.

Last week, I attempted two gluten-free beers and wasn’t thrilled. I thought I missed alcohol on this program, so that’s why I attempted to find some sort of replacement, but I didn’t really.

While listening to the podcast an interviewee mentioned how he just liked to drink something with flavor and once he replaced his drinking habit with other options he no longer craved it. Bingo. I missed having something flavored to drink!

Big news… I’ve decided to take up the OYNB challenge for an entire year, as of February 1st. And to be honest, it’ll probably go longer than that. It just feels right.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to check out some fancy sodas I’ve been ignoring all these years. While soda isn’t that great for your health, it’s probably better than consuming alcohol. Flavored sodas are quite a bit less expensive and they hit the spot minus the aches, inflammation, and tiredness afterward.

Bruce Cost’s Ginger Ale was fabulous, with real ginger, and definitely one I’ll pick up again. Chris even tried it and said it was pretty good, too. He’s on board with the OYNB, so I’m thrilled to have a partner in this new lifestyle.

I enjoyed my flavored drink while prepping lunches for the week; including my eggs for test day and a spaghetti and meat sauce dinner. The usual Sunday view: hours standing and cooking in the kitchen!

I made baked chicken breasts with a side of yellow rice and frozen peas. The peas thaw in the fridge all week, so they are ripe for the cooking during the reheating process.

Meal prepping on Sundays is so huge for me. Often, when we’re asked to do things on Sundays, I prefer to rather stand in my kitchen making 3-4 meals and various snacks for the week.

It makes our weeks run far easier, makes going through this elimination diet easier, and reduces stress around mealtimes. Chris is supportive and keeps the kids busy, for the most part, while I cook for a few hours on Sundays.

I highly recommend it if you’re trying to get meals on the table all week long. It helps to have a few things up your sleeve for the week ahead.

The only thing I didn’t get to this weekend was a dessert. I’ll have to find time this week to make black bean brownies soon!