The Incredible Inedible Egg

It was a bright and cheery morning, the kids were playing happily while Chris made the usual Sunday morning pancakes. As I came downstairs, I felt a little uneasy, unsure if I wanted to test any allergen foods since I had finally been feeling so good.

It was egg day.

Eggs it was to be throughout the day. I was scheduled to have an egg for breakfast, two eggs around lunch, and 3 eggs around dinner. I didn’t want to replace my meals with eggs, so I made them as a snack.

Breakfast was a fried egg in coconut oil. I had no desire to eat it, but I downed it anyway. My stomach felt queasy. Okay, that reaction might just be because I have to be in really in the mood for eggs most days if I want to eat them straight.

Lunch, I decided I was not going to eat eggs. The thought of eggs just turned my stomach. Alas, I hard boiled eggs to have for the rest of the day in hopes that maybe a hard boiled egg would be better than fried. I had my lunch, then downed the two hard boiled eggs right after peeling them at the sink. There, done.

Immediately, I felt a burning sensation in my throat and down my chest. No, this isn’t the eggs, it’s just my feeling of not wanting to eat them. Notes taken, I decided to ignore it.

Dinner came and went, a fabulous dinner we enjoyed, and then it was time to consume 3 eggs. After finishing all 3, I felt uncomfortable but fine for about an hour. Within an hour later, my skin started to itch everywhere. Eczema on my face burned with sensation. Meh, it’s nothing. Eggs and I are totally fine together.

Overnight, I felt stiff and was unable to sleep. I wasn’t thinking about the eggs, but more my joints and my fingers that seemed to tighten up. My lower back hurt. I felt inflamed again. A feeling I hadn’t felt in a few weeks since starting this experiment. Eczema that I had gotten rid two weeks of under my arm came back by morning.

I woke up, my face red and sore, my entire body itching, and joints swollen and stiff. It was uncomfortable, but could it really be from the eggs?

I, me, I actually had an allergic reaction to eggs. It was not in the plan and it was not at all what I had expected. I thought, “meh, eggs, I enjoy them in everything they won’t harm me.” Well, after feeling the way I did for a day and a half after eating several eggs, I am not so sure we’re friends anymore.

With this response, I plan to retest eggs again at the end of the 8Safe program. Instead of testing whole eggs, I’m going to try out egg whites vs. egg yolks and see if there is any difference. What I do know is that something was wrong and it just happened to be the same day I ate eggs.

The next test subject up is dairy today, Wednesday.

We’ll see how I react. Maybe all along eggs were my problem and not milk. Who knows, but by March I’ll have a better picture of how my body interacts with the top 8 food allergens. I already can tell you, my relationship with eggs is a’changin’.

What have I been using in place of eggs in my baking ventures? Flax eggs. They work just as well, and there’s a bonus, gooey brownies don’t have undercooked egg in the middle so they are safe to enjoy! It’s time to explore more egg alternatives for baking.