January 2017 Frugal Momster Expense Report

I mentioned last month that I streamlined our finances to organize our income and expense reports better each month. In doing so, I made putting together these expense reports even easier!

By combining categories, and eliminating others, I’ve simplified an already pretty simple budget and expense recording process. I’m somewhat shocked at how much easier this month’s report was to create.

In other financial news, I’ve taken a free course on travel hacking credit cards. As I explore travel hacking, I’ll share our experience.

So far, it is very enlightening, and I’ve realized how many bonuses we’ve left off the table in the past several years since our financial turnaround. Several significant renovations could’ve covered some excellent travel we’ve been missing.

Other than travel hacking, I’ve decided to open higher interest savings account at another bank to house our six-month emergency fund as we grow it. It is too tempting and easy to transfer money out of it for larger purchases in the last several years.

Now it’s out of sight and out of mind, mostly. If anything, to transfer funds back to our primary accounts it’ll take a week. So, deep thought must occur before moving that money.

I’m glad I spent the few hours last month in streamlining our finances. It has undoubtedly saved me a lot of time this month and will the rest of the year going forward! It’s also given me a great look into our past year and where we’d like to go, figuratively and literally, this year.

The month of January proved to be a good time to get the Monkey’s teeth cleaned, and I took Crab for teeth cleaning a few weeks later. Monkey’s a pro now, having done this several times already. He knows how to make the ladies smile wide.

What you won’t see on the expense report is the cost of Crab’s first haircut! I paid with it from my allowance, so it’s not a common expense. We took him to get the hair out of his eyes and shape it up a little. I couldn’t bear to get rid of his back curls just yet.

And I have to share with you an image of Monkey exploring the vacuum aisle at Costco. He is absolutely in love with all things vacuums, cyclones, and shop vacs. Monkey might just be the next Dyson.

January was a “no-spending” focused month for us, despite spending a bit on various non-essentials. Now, let’s see how we did.

ItemAmountFrugal Mom$ter Musings
Food/Clothing$875.24A trip to Costco will blow the monthly budget (of $500) every time! I’m starting to think we’d be better off without it. I spent a ton of extra funds this month on specialty foods for the 8Safe Elimination Diet which is temporary.
Gifts$65.88A small price to pay for a trip to see the show Seussical for my Monkey’s birthday. Plus, I combined rewards dollars to pick-up a gift for a baby shower I am unable to attend this month.
Household$100.95We purchased an amazing Paderno Spiralizer Slicer, two pans, a new set of spatulas, extra pillowcases, a gutter extender, and a new back door light that fell off during a storm.
Insurance$158.00Our 10-month regular auto insurance payment.
Mortgage$2000.00Regular Mortgage payment with a bit extra on the top.
Pets$17.73Training treats and various goodies for Ruby. I’m working on getting her to go outside to the bathroom by herself regularly; thwarted this month by the snow.
Cell Phones$200.01 $0.01 over budget! We don’t have normal cell phone plans.
Natural Gas$60.00
Total Spent$3,666.87Compared to December ($6,654.39), we’ve cut it in half!
Without Mortgage$1,666.87Wow, we’re back on track despite an enormous food bill!
Wondering why some bills may be missing from this report?

The September 2016 Expense Report will answer your questions.