The Delights of Dairy

Wednesday was Dairy day, much to my co-worker’s delight. It’s become a fun experiment to share with others, as they stop by my library to see “how am I doing” during the multiple allergen reintroductions. My one science teacher friend especially finds it fascinating, as I’ve become a human experiment!

Before I get into my dairy experience, I had to point out that while I have not been able to consume many foods, I have kept making them for my family. Monkey especially loves green eggs.

On a dairy day, I consumed as follows:

  • 1/4 cup of cheddar cheese with breakfast
  • 1/2 cup of cheddar cheese with lunch
  • 1 cup of various dairy through alfredo sauce including butter, cream, and parmesan cheese

For my first taste of cheddar, it was not as I had remembered it. I was not impressed with the flavor, and now I understand why young babies just could careless about it at first.

By lunch time, I was looking forward to a bit more cheese. I enjoyed the snack bag of cheddar and was highly looking forward to dinner.

Within the first two meals, I didn’t have any reaction like I had with eggs. That was a huge win for me, and also made me realize how much of a response I did have to the eggs. I did end up with a fair amount of bloating and gas after lunch, good thing I was able to relieve myself privately. Whew!

Then it was on to enjoy dinner.

After dinner, I started to feel quite a bit more bloating and a lot more gas. My stomach was all right, but the gas was noticeable. Throughout the night, I ended up constipated, as I have before when I’ve consumed too much dairy. While I may not be allergic to dairy in the same way as eggs, I am not super tolerant. Cheese in moderation.

After dinner, I enjoyed a banana chocolate muffin that I made the day before, but it was more of a bread gooey brownie style instead of a muffin. I loved it nonetheless. The chocolate goodness hit the spot.

My reaction to eggs was so different, I look forward to see how each item compares. On we go…