The Sinus of Soy

When I woke up on Sunday, I felt a cold coming on strong. I took some cold medicine, which normally kicks out the cold symptoms pronto. Instead, despite a dose of meds to halt any further issues, I ended up with a runny, stuffy, and wildly sneezey nose.

At first, I didn’t relate it to my Saturday of soy, but when it mysteriously disappeared with no further medication by Sunday evening and after loose bowels, I thought there is probably a connection.

I usually get colds for 2-3 days at a time, and this felt more like allergies. Yet there was no change in my environment that would have caused it (plus it was raining which usually dims my seasonal allergy levels).

So, while soy caused a different reaction than to dairy and eggs, there still was some reaction to pay attention to. Good to know.

I started with a small 1/4 cup serving of soy around breakfast time. While I wasn’t really interested in consuming soy, I chose to make a whole batch of tofu with buffalo sauce. It filled what I needed, but if I did it over I’d have considered picking up edamame and eating that throughout the day.

I had no major reaction to my 1/4 cup serving, leading to a 1/2 cup serving around lunch, and later a 1 cup serving around dinner. While I had no immediate reaction the first day, I did have a common response to food allergens the next day: rhinitis.

I am surprised by how my body has reacted so very differently to the first three food allergens tested (eggs, dairy, soy). I could have never anticipated this reaction, other than knowing that dairy would most likely make me constipated. Eggs, I’m still surprised and so is everyone I’ve shared my story with.

So far this has still been an enlightening experience and a tough one at that. It’s been difficult as the month has dragged on turning down scrumptious foods at every turn or requesting the exact ingredients of every item my Mom used in her snowy day stew before eating it last week.

And then she handed me a biscuit with butter…

After I told her I couldn’t have one. Cruel. Just cruel.

I’ve been asked a few times why I am consuming so much of the allergen in one day, when I normally wouldn’t eat that much at a time over the course of a day. The reason from my understanding it to see a limit as to how much of a reaction you might get and where you may have difficulty with the said allergen.

If you just have a little and it builds up in your system over time, you now have a clearer picture of how it might build up and affect you. Kelly would probably better explain it, and I’ll understand more and share as I continue the program.

Of course, I normally wouldn’t eat an entire block of tofu in one day, but knowing how soy affects me or other allergens, I can conclude how often I’d like to delve into their use in my consumption when I’ve concluded the 8Safe program in March.

So, soy we’re not totally cool together, but I think we’ll be alright.