There’s Something Fishy with Fish

Another quick update on my testing day with fish on Monday. I had some tuna earlier in the day, and a piece of salmon in the afternoon. I didn’t finish the day with a 3rd serving for full results, but I wasn’t in the mood to eat any more fish.

Within 24-48 hours I had quite a bit of nausea and my eczema flared up again. Good thing I don’t care to consume fish often. This just made me less likely to keep trying to incorporate it into my diet.

I would have probably had better results if I had had the last serving of fish at the end of the day, but two servings were enough. If only I could find someone to take the salmon and tuna off my hands… that shouldn’t be hard to do. Chris and the boys don’t eat seafood much anyway, so it won’t be much of a change around here for anyone. That was easy enough!

Coming Soon!

The final stage is up next, as I skipped over testing shellfish since I rarely ever eat it. I’ll know in the future next time I have it if I have any reaction to shellfish. The last two test items are gluten and wheat! Eeeekk… I’m a little hopeful that homemade fresh bread won’t have to be removed from my diet. Wish me luck!