Gluten Free Bread #Fail

Today is officially Monkey’s 5th birthday. I cannot believe where I was 5 years ago and what was going through my mind overnight and into the wee hours of the morning. I am still amazed at how quickly, yet slowly, this time has gone. He’s grown into an amazingly hilarious little man who’ll always be my baby guy.

Monkey has found my new gluten-free status to be interesting. We talk often about it. We discuss what might or might not have gluten in it, and he jabs at me with jokes on the regular about what I can and cannot eat. “Mommy, you can have this chocolate piece here, but not this cupcake, okay?”

Just the other day, the charmer, he told me he likes his PopPop’s salami far better than ours, because “it has that powder on it, that wheat you know? Mommy, it has gluten and it’s so much better.” The kid, he’s a pip. I love him! He actually does like gluten-free foods despite his poking about them.

We’re off celebrating his day today, but I thought I’d share that my gluten-free experiments haven’t all been rosy.

I decided before diving into making my own GF flours to use a prepared Bob’s Red Mill bread kit where all you do is follow their instructions. It called for 3 eggs (eeeek!) so I decided to sub them out with flax meal.

Sadly, I made the mistake of omitting any extra baking powder to offset the eggs and this is what happened after the bread cooled.

Luckily, before it had a chance to cool, I sliced off a few slices to enjoy. It was pretty tasty. Though, I have a gluten-free book that has ingredients that will far better lend themselves to the average bread consistency and taste.

When life hands you smushed bread, what do you do?

Instead of throwing it in the trash, since I knew the flavor was pretty good, I made breadcrumbs. I chopped up the bread and baked it forever while Chris was baking cupcakes and cake on Monkey’s party day.

Then I pulverized it in our food processor and tossed the bag into the freezer (so it will keep longer). Now, I’ve got a great GF breadcrumb to use going forward. It wasn’t a waste and I’ve learned my lesson in the process.

A New Gluten-Free Me

What’s been awesome about going gluten-free is that I have had to do it for over two months already during the elimination diet so it wasn’t such a hard decision to make once I knew how gluten affected me.

I no longer feel that I cannot have it like I did before and during the trial, but truly I do not want to have it. It’s become a choice, not a forbidden food. Ah, sometimes I forget.

After Monkey’s party, I took two cupcakes and said, “Oh, Chris we can enjoy these tonight.” And then like a shockwave I cringed and remembered that there was no way I wanted to feel like I did a week ago. Gleefully, I put the cupcakes away realizing I saved myself from agony from both the eggs and gluten.

I’ve also been surprised by the support I’ve received from family and friends in my decision. My brother said he noticed my skin problems before the diet and can see how it’s improved. My sister was happy to take my gluten steel cut oats off my hands (my family won’t eat them anyway) and said she could understand wanting to avoid it. Both of my siblings have experience with their children and food allergies as well which may make them more understanding.

Friends have been encouraging as I think this generation is more aware of food allergies and intolerances. I’ve had to enlighten a few on what gluten actually is and where it can be found (which I didn’t know much about before this either). It’s been fun to share, but while it’s a focus for me right now, I don’t think it’ll always be the latest discussion topic. That’s perfectly fine with me, but I’m just still floored by the experience and the issue with eggs!

I am embracing my new awareness and look forward to totally rocking gluten and egg free baking and cooking adventures to come.