Gluten-Free Buttermilk Biscuits

I have taken to a certain gluten-free flour blend that seems to mimic white flour very well. With it, I’ve made a variety of muffins, chocolate chip cookies, biscuits, and pizza dough. It’s far less expensive than the specific kits by Bob’s Red Mill, but those were what I started with to learn how to best bake gluten-free.

I stumbled across Jeanne’s book, Gluten-Free Wishlist, in my local library. I love how she has worked hard to replicate gluten-free baking without adding in nut flours or bean flours that can change the taste dramatically.

Most recipes for flour blends are very similar. They include white and brown rice flours, a starch like tapioca or potato, and xantham or guar gum. I priced out Jeanne’s and it comes in pretty solid next to Bob’s Red Mill’s 1 to 1 blend.

Jeanne’s flour works up quickly, so I’ll most likely continue to use her blend in the near future. I have enough to probably last me through the summer.

One my of my latest favorites to make weekly is Jeanne’s Buttermilk Biscuit recipe. They come out flaky and taste amazing with a slab of butter and a few seconds in the microwave. To top it off, I don’t feel sluggish after eating them.

Chris made the biscuits this past weekend to help me during my weekly food prep. He doesn’t fully embrace the idea of gluten-free baking yet, but I was hoping to get him in the kitchen to try it out.

It was nice to spend Saturday evening baking in the kitchen and talking together. Let’s hope I can convince him to make his weekend pancakes from flours we all can consume soon, as the Crab appears to have a similar issue with wheat/gluten and eggs, unfortunately.

Gluten-free is not very frugal if you purchase pre-made, but I’ve gotten the cost down quite a bit making it at home. If you’re planning to try out anyone’s gluten-free recipes, I highly recommend Jeanne’s.