A Year with Our Vitamix 6300

We’ve had our Vitamix for a year now, and I thought I’d update you as to how I feel about the purchase and how much use it has gotten in our household. It is not a cheap blender by any means, but spoiler alert: it is worth every penny for us, and I’d consider it a great investment if you cook at home.

When I wrote about buying the Vitamix last year, it was after months of research and deciding if spending so much on one device was worth it. Once I realized we had spent the equivalent on several other blenders in a few short years, I decided to splurge on a refurbished Vitamix after watching for good deals on their site.

8 Days A Week

Since last year, I have used the Vitamix on average of about five days per week, some weeks all seven days or a few times in one day, some weeks not for the entire week. I don’t believe I’ve used any other blender as often as I have turned to this beast of a machine other than a daily smoothie maker.

Added a Second Container

Within the last several months, I opted to add a 32-ounce wet container to replace our burned out Nutribullet instead of buying another one for the same price. I snagged a free shipping promo code from Life is NoYoke, too.

This new container changed our use from every few days to daily. Especially since the container fits comfortably under the cabinets, so I don’t have to move the Vitamix out every time I use it.

I use the Vitamix to make a morning smoothie every day for the boys. In the afternoon, I’ll use it again if Crab is asking for a smoothie again or blend up juice for myself. Crab loves green smoothies, but my guy’s all time favorite is a banana, peanut butter, and milk. I use a protein peanut butter powder right now as it just is easier to toss in and less messy.

In the evenings, I have used the 64-ounce wet container to make soups. I have only tried a few soups, as we don’t eat a ton of soup these days, but they all came out delicious and hot.

I’m still trying to convince Chris to use the Vitamix for his pancake batter or other things, but I think he’s afraid to since it’s such a powerful machine and he doesn’t want to break it. I can be protective over my kitchen gadgets, whoops!

A Daily Routine

The Vitamix has proven to be an integral part of our routine now. Reading blogs that post new recipes using the machine has proven valuable, too.

I have used it to make peanut butter, other nut butter, coconut milk from shredded coconut, almond milk, cashew milk, and a variety of other drinks. Don’t even get me started on milkshakes. Malted vanilla goodness that beats out our local ice cream shop, true story. Plus, the salsa is delicious.

It’s Not My Food Processor

What I don’t use it for is as a food processor as much as I read how others use it. I have a food processor we received for free that I still love. It works perfectly and is rather small. I prefer to stick with that machine for items like pie dough or biscuit dough. Anything that doesn’t need to be perfectly smooth. I could easily use the Vitamix, but I don’t love using the tamper.

Easy to Clean

The best thing about the Vitamix is how super easy it is to keep clean. I use it, and within minutes it’s ready to go once again. To clean: put a few drops of soap in, fill water to the lower part of the handle, and blend it at 10 for a few seconds. It cleans any stuck on gunk, and with a quick rinse, we’re ready to make something new.

I have yet to use both containers at the same time to make a meal. It blends so smooth that my hummus was unbelievable. I have yet to find anything that compares to the smooth texture this blender produces.

Get Your Own

If you’re considering a Vitamix, keep an eye on their website for refurbished sales. They usually have them every month or so. This time last year I bought mine when the refurbished blenders were on sale. I feel refurbished the way to go, as the container and blade are brand new, just the motor has been used and tested.

I look forward to keeping this blender part of our lineup for many years to come. I may even consider a dry container to make my gluten-free flours, as it would grind far finer flours than the food processor.

The Vitamix was worth the investment for how often I use it and the quality it provides this passionate home cook.

This is not a sponsored post, nor did I link to their site at all. This is just something I use and love and find you might like it, too.