2 Ingredient Natural and Inexpensive Cleaner

In the past few years, I’ve wanted to green my house a bit more than usual. I’ve been working to remove harsh chemicals where I can, though we still use them when needed. I was happy when the product Greenworks came out, as I felt like I was doing something good for my cleaning and my own lungs in the process. Since then, we’ve learned how simple it is to clean with items around the house like baking soda or vinegar. More recently, about six months ago, I switch our kitchen cleaner to a completely natural and homemade solution.

That’s right, looking at the picture above, it is simple, two ingredients, and all natural. All you need is some vinegar and citrus peels from oranges or lemons.

I place a bunch of peels in a container, then fill the container with vinegar. There’s little science to it and no need to measure exactly.

I’ll let it sit like this for about a week.

When it’s been sitting for a week, the solution turns a nice orange color and I strain out the citrus peels. Then I put it in a spray bottle and I have instant kitchen cleaner. The vinegar brings out the citrus oils which is what are used in most commercial products I presume when they say they use natural oils.

It works great, it costs pennies on the dollar, I can make my own whenever we get low, and I know it’s not adding any harmful ingredients to any food that I work with on the counter. Hello rolling out cookies and pies without worry!

In addition to this solution, we make our own homemade laundry detergent, and I am focusing my own beauty routine on more natural cleaning and moisturizing products.