Aquafaba (I Didn’t Make that Up) Plus GF Wontons and Tortillas

A few weeks ago I took another cooking class. Since then, I’ve been working on tons of recipes and making a lot of homemade deliciousness happen in our house.

This cooking class challenged me to make a few items gluten free in order to be able to participate. The first item I had to learn to make for myself was gluten-free wontons since I could not find any in a store. It wasn’t that hard at all, and I used a basic gluten-free pasta recipe. (All gluten-free recipes or flour blends came from the Art of Gluten-Free Baking).

Next time, I’ll roll them out a bit thinner, but overall they turned out delicious. I can’t wait to remake the chicken wonton recipe in the coming weeks.

These wontons do have egg in them, so I’m going to try next time to make them using aquafaba.

What is Aquafaba, you ask?

Well, it’s the leftover water from a can of chickpeas exactly. It works amazingly well as an egg replacement and even whips up like egg meringues. I stumbled upon it looking for a better egg replacement than flax or chia seeds, as those didn’t seem to work well in bread recipes.

How do I make my own Aquafaba?

I take a pound or two of dried chickpeas and put them in a crockpot after rinsing. Next I’ll add about 7-12 cups of water to the chickpeas. Set it to low for 6-8 hours and let them do their thing.

When the chickpeas are done cooking, I’ll let them cool for awhile and then strain out the liquid into a separate bowl. The chickpeas I’ve put aside usually turn into a fried salty tasty chickpea snack.

With the water, I’ll put 3 tablespoons into my former baby food freezer trays, and make 1 egg portions to freeze.

Recipe time includes microwaving, however, many eggs that I need and tossing them in the recipe. They have no taste, homemade means no added salt, and they do an amazing job!

Definitely, give it a try if you’re looking to replace eggs. I’d love to test this out in an angel food cake recipe soon.

Another challenge for the cooking class was making my own gluten-free flour tortillas. They do sell them in the store, but they all looked horrible and like they wouldn’t taste good.

I used butter and a gluten-free flour blend that I keep on hand. They turned out delicious, which we then topped with chicken, cheese, and vegetables to make quesadillas. I can just taste them now… I need to go make these again.

Last, but not least, we learned how to roast red peppers for hummus. These are my new favorite go-to for snacks, lunch additions, or making hummus. I can’t believe I hadn’t gotten into roasting vegetables sooner. I have roasted them over the years, but I learned I was using too little oil and salt to make it the right way.

And I thought I’d share with you an image from our Monday night cooking sessions. Monkey usually chops up the ham for our Mac n’ Cheese Soup, then crisps it up in the frying pan. All the while, I am getting the soup ready to go.

This is probably not a healthy meal by any means, but we do add broccoli to it, and I’ve been using less cream and more whole milk as time has gone on. In addition, the pasta is made of chickpeas! It is so delicious and has become a family favorite.

What have you been cooking lately? It seems each day at my house is filled with a few fresh meals. While not everyone loves what I choose to cook (i.e. vegetables) they always seem to come around and love it after they’ve given it a try.

I love to cook, I just wish I could line my kitchen floor with a comfort mat. It’s tiring some days when I cook a few meals and prepare lunches for the week! It is a favorite relaxing time for me. Creating meals, baking breads or cookies, or just feeding my family brings me joy.