May 2017 Frugal Momster Expense Report: I bought a boat!

May was a month for writing checks, especially when it came to leisurely activities or having some outdoor work done around our house. We won’t recap the work that’ll be happening outdoors in June until after it’s complete. So, our expense report won’t reflect those expenditures until they actually cash those checks (or even request them).

I bought a boat!

When we first moved back to my hometown, I told everyone I could not wait to get my own boat to get out on the water. When friends said, “that would be great, we can’t wait to come along,” Chris promptly told them I was just looking for a one man vessel, not a real boat. Who wants a real boat? I mean with insurance and all the maintenance work. What a money drain.

Google and various other sources define a boat as:

A stand-up paddleboard is considered a boat by the U.S. Coast Guard and requires a PFD, so, yes, I bought a boat.

How I made My Decision

For two years now I’ve been going back and forth between getting a kayak or a paddleboard. Chris promised me a kayak for a birthday gift about three years ago before we closed on our house (that cash money is going towards my board).

Kayaks are cheaper but much heavier to haul around and I probably wouldn’t be able to take it far on my own getting it on and off my car. Paddleboards are more expensive, but also provide a full body workout and a good one is a rather light weight. Spend or save…

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I took a stand-up paddleboarding class to learn if I liked it and how to paddleboard at our local reservoir. I loved it so much, I ended up buying a paddleboard online two days later during a seasonal sale. It arrived just this past weekend.

The fact that the paddleboard offers a full body workout with options to allow my children or dogs to ride on the front was a no-brainer. Since I love to do a lot of lower body workouts, this is going to compliment those perfectly and maybe I’ll finally have a six pack… of abs.

Overcoming Fears

Did I ever tell you that since college I’ve had a terrible fear of the ocean and open water (and some deep swimming pools)? Yeah, there’s that fear to overcome. I grew up on the water, but an incident in college ruffled me to my core. I want to push past that and this activity will no longer allow that fear to take hold.

I am thrilled and terrified at the same time to finally get out on the water again. As usual, I calculated how many times I’ll need to use the paddleboard to make up for rental expenses if I were to rent instead. After about 10 hours I’ll more than make-up for the possible expense of choosing to rent vs. own. For that simple reason, I decided to buy the lightest board within my budget and a pro paddle to go with it. I also used an Amazon credit to pick up a waist inflatable personal flotation device (PFD). That’ll make it much easier to get back on my board if I fall off, but I have no intentions of doing so!

More to come on the board and my experience with it whenever I get around to writing regularly again. I have been happily spending more time on my family, and with hobbies like cooking or physical fitness than writing these days! I do have a ton of drafts, so hopefully soon I can get them together and published for you.

Without further ado let’s see how May shook out:

ItemAmountFrugal Mom$ter Musings
Food/Clothing$326.40Whew! I am shocked by how we saved this month on our food bill. Mostly from buying fresh produce and using up what is in our pantry.
Health/Medical$22.96Chris had a bad infection so he needed two antibiotics plus a co-pay for urgent care.
Household$282.12This included the costs of the downstairs bench area as well as a fencing permit and other household decor expenditures.
Insurance$109.00We lowered our insurance so we’ll be paying a cheaper rate for the next few months.
Leisure$956.89Includes a SUP beginner paddleboarding lesson, a new SUP, carbon pro paddle, leash, PFD, plus items to build my own SUP cart – well, for Chris to build it. Eeek!
Mortgage$2,500.00Prepayed an extra few hundred this month.
Pets$243.69I changed all the dog beds in the house to match the decor and make them the same. Ruby and Jeter seemed to argue over their sleeping quarters. This also includes a ton of food and treats for them.
Natural Gas$60.00 
Total Spent$4,679.96Up about $800 from April.
Without Mortgage$2,179.96Only about a $300 difference in spending, with the additional $500 towards our mortgage.

Wondering why some bills may be missing from this report?

The September 2016 Expense Report will answer your questions.