Oh, hi there! Updates on running, SUP, and more.

Wow, sorry about that, it’s 20 days since I’ve last posted! The end of the school year was rampant with things to finish up at work, at home, and for the Monkey. Life became super full rather quickly, but positively in most instances. Brace yourself; this is a bit lengthy.


This month I started running again, as I was inspired to get in better shape for paddleboarding. I thought paddleboarding would get me in better shape for running, and it oppositely motivated me. I am running three days per week, and it has helped me in far more ways than I can share.

I decided to go back to using the Fitness22 app for the 0-10k and follow it without deviation. I usually follow it for a few weeks, then taper into another plan, to then start another program and peter out. This time around, I’m giving myself grace just to follow this app as is, and so far, so good.

I am grateful the running bug bit me once more.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

Chris was kind enough to build me a small rig to connect my paddle board to my bike. We used PVC pipe and a wheel kit he found at Home Depot. My first voyage went smoothly, though the ride back encountered some mishaps due to my forgetting how I strapped it the first time.

The paddle board cart cost around $50-$60, as the wheels were the most expensive part. Most SUP carts like this cost upwards of $150 for basic materials.

I used bungee cords to secure it, as we found a useful video that walks you through the DIY process. With this cart, I can easily walk it down to the water as well, but who wants to do that when you have a bike?

A better view of how it straps and I wheel it behind me. On my first trip, I received a bunch of thumbs up and smiles on the quarter mile ride to our kayak dock.

Here’s my maiden voyage on my new SUP. It is rather stable, and I just love it. I can see myself going out a lot this summer and fall, with years ahead of relaxation and exercise on the water.


The boys have been keeping us extremely busy. Monkey took t-ball lessons and had gotten into sports a bit, and the Crab just continues to be an energizer bunny throughout each day. This summer is going to be exhausting, and I do look forward to one year from now for Crab’s age, but I am trying to soak in the last bits of his babyness for now.
Time has been spent on playdates these days with cousins and friends for the boys.
We’re busy each day, but we make sure to add some downtime to our schedule.

And here we are still going strong after almost ten years of marriage. We’ve got a lot more plans for the coming year that involve tons of DIY, frugal-ness, and friendship together.


Since the school year ended, I’ve spent a few outings with old friends catching up. I had dinner with a former student of mine who graduated a previous school I worked at years ago and is now a year in at my alma mater (see shirt). It was great to catch up and see how much D has grown! She has become such an amazing young woman, and I look forward to watching her grow into an amazing social worker.

We were supposed to kayak together, but the weather didn’t cooperate. We’re planning that for another time this summer.

I met up with my friend David, who loves to kayak, hike, or do any physical activities. He is so smart and sarcastic; we get along so well. We used to work together for four years; he as an English teacher, and I the librarian. He always challenges my notions of the status quo, and we remarked that we always learn something new when we spend time together.

This outing we met up at a new park and kayaked. We’re planning some hikes in the late summer.

Selfie on the kayak! Before I updated my mobile device.

I tried to steer clear of him, as he’s told me he’s capsized in one before. Who does that? Oh, yeah, David.

I love having frugal friends and friends who like to be physically active instead of going out to eat or drink at every social gathering. It’s fun to suggest new ideas like kayaking in a new area or hiking or biking or a simple walk. It’s inexpensive, and we get to spend several hours together connecting vs. a meal and out the door.

Wonder Woman.

Did you see Wonder Woman? It might have just been the best movie I’ve ever seen.

The storyline was impeccable, the actors and actresses phenomenal and just, oh, I just loved it. Wonder Woman has become my superhero recently (Chris is obsessed with Superman). I finally learned her origin story and man; I love her strength. The movie was quirky and funny as well, not as dark as Batman v. Superman. See it… with coupons of course!

We ended up seeing it in IMAX 3D for about $15 total. Without our rewards, gift card, etc. it would’ve been over $40. And we ended up in that theater by accident, as Chris thought he was booking regular tickets.

I was unsure if 3D would work with my chorioretinal coloboma (eye congenital disability) as I’ve never been able to do 3D before with the blue/red glasses. Well, technology caught up, and it worked fantastic for me.

I might even see the movie again I enjoyed it that much.

What’s Next?

I’m turning into Wonder Woman.

I’m kidding, but since I’ve been exercising more, that has been taking up the time I typically used to write to you. I have limited personal time during the day with the kiddos on vacation, but that’s no excuse to leave you in the dark. So, I don’t plan to. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come…

iPhone?! Yes.

I recently purchased an iPhone 7 and will be updating you on our Zero Dollar Cell Phone Bill now with smartphones attached. Lights… camera… action…

Instagram?! Yes.

I decided to rejoin Instagram to share mobile photography as I pursue a new avenue of photographic passion once again. Plus, I was finally able to get my original handle of “katenesi” back!

That happened by accident. I couldn’t get back into my old account that I disabled in the fall. I just gave it a shot to try my old name, and they must have finally released it to the masses. I had this handle when IG first came out, but deleted my account during one of my no-social-media-blackouts and was told it’d never be available again.

I feel like it’s meant to be… but don’t look for me on Facebook anytime soon.

Okay, I think we’re somewhat caught up. Now… time to finish all my draft posts!