Monkey’s First Time on the Paddle Board

Monkey took his first voyage out on my paddle board with me this morning. I was hoping he would enjoy it so that I could bring him out more often and have a buddy to paddle with. 

He was hesitant the first time I went out but sat on the board and said he was looking forward to trying it. Then when it came time to go, he said he was scared and wanted someone at the dock for help.

I convinced him we’d stay right near dock and he would be just fine. So, then he suited up and we loaded up the board to go down the road.

Look at that character! It was a little cooler and slightly windy so we covered up.

A little nervous to hop on, but once we got moving he was thrilled.

I must have heard, “Now, this is the life,” a dozen times in the hour we were out.

It was a bit windy, and the tides were strong so we kept near the shore. It took a lot of strength to keep the board straight against the tides. The added weight I’m sure didn’t help, but I could tell my strokes and strength have gotten better since my first outing.

While out, Monkey kept saying he couldn’t wait to come back out and go further. I was also told that any time I paddle this summer he is coming with me. I have a feeling he’ll one day have his own board.

I was very proud of myself for getting my board all setup on the car by myself. 

I use $1 pool noodles for the crossbar cushion wrapped in Velcro to keep them from moving. Then I rest the board on a piece of yoga mat and slide the board up from the back. The yoga mat works perfect as a seat for Monkey while paddling, too. That was a great tip from a colleague!

Each time I go out, I get better at loading and unloading the board as well as getting it in and out of the water. My upper body strength is improving, which definitely was a goal. Now that I have a paddle buddy, I definitely will be heading out more often.

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