What’s SUP? I’m out Running.

One of many focuses this summer has been getting back to running. I finally am starting to feel like myself again since I’ve been back to running regularly. Giving myself grace to get back into shape without any races or major goals on the calendar has proven positive. I have a few ideas lurking, as always, but I’m taking it one run at a time.

I started back three weeks ago running three days per week using the Fitness22 0 to 10K app. It integrates so well with any other music or podcast app running at the same time.

Thus far, I’m 7 for 7 on my scheduled runs and have 2 more to complete by Sunday to stay on track. The runs have been fairly easy, as my body is starting to adjust and change back into a runner.

Mentally I’ve been able to tackle the short runs with ease, ending each telling myself how easy that was and how easy it’ll be next time. That seems to be working to keep the “out of shape – I give up” fears at bay.

I’ve also gotten out on my paddle board twice this week with Monkey! We plan to take a short trip out on Sunday when the winds die down.

It’s a lot of work to get the Paddleboard loaded onto the car and pack up everything for us both, then to unload, paddle and do it all over again. I’m tempted to rent a kayak slip, but I tell myself each trip is a bonus workout. Plus, I don’t plan to paddle from the same spot indefinitely. As I get stronger I will be exploring different parts of our waterway as well as others nearby.

Though despite all the heavy lifting, each trip has gotten easier and I can feel my upper body getting stronger. Today’s outing was a bit tough battling winds and choppy water, so we went back in after a half hour. I was proud that my body is getting strong enough to easily lift the 25lb board, walk with it, and load it on and off my car.

It’s amazing what working out will do for the body and mind. I haven’t lost any weight this summer yet, but each day is a new day to make better decisions. If anything, I should have solid muscles in my arms by the time the summer ends!

What are you doing this summer to keep your body moving?