June 2017 Frugal Momster Expense Report: Our Fence is Complete!

June was no exception to being an exciting month for spending. More exciting than I’d like to admit. I considered ending my monthly expense reports as I felt they were getting boring and provided little else than regular budget bills. Oh, how I was wrong looking back at this past month. If anything, pushing myself to reevaluate June opened my eyes to some weak spots in our (my) spending and where we could improve.

Summertime is the time we spend a great deal as we have more time to shop and do projects around the house. This summer especially is epic with a huge expense for our outdoor fence and landscaping.

Our Fence is Complete

Our fence was installed in June. It felt like forever waiting for us to be put on the schedule and for the guys to arrive finally. 

It had taken two more days before our gates were put in, so I was anxious with Jeter. Now, I can safely say it is so worth the money to be able to sit outside in a bit more privacy and allow my dogs to roam freely again.

While this was a huge expense and one I had to accept, now that it is done I am glad we did it. I know Chris would’ve taken weeks, if not months to get a fence in, and probably would not have been able to do such a fantastic job. Also, it would have been hellish to try to keep the kids and dogs at bay during the process. For a one day event to avoid all of that, it was worth it to us.

Adding Travel Back to Life

I finally decided to book a trip in July! My friend Liz is going to be in the Washington D.C. area, and we finally are going to get to meet! We have been friends through the internet for almost a decade now, but have never met. Despite chatting daily through Gchat or talking on the phone, using Skype or Facetime, and now Voxing daily, it’s just never worked out timing wise. We’re both super excited to give each other a hug out in the capital!

Too Much Food

We spend a ton on food in the summer. I think it’s because we get bored and want to try all sorts of things; although we seem to be sticking to regular staples for the kids. With more time equals more availability to shop and think up ideas. Free time is always dangerous for our spending, but luckily I build it in every summer in our savings.

Oh, I bought an iPhone

I decided to upgrade my phone from an iPod + $30 Tracfone combo to a single device: the iPhone 7. I knew one day a few years ago that Pay-As-You-Go would catch up and add smartphones. Well, the year has come for me to upgrade and assimilate into the rest of the culture. Of course, other than the device cost, my cell phone plan will stay at a whopping $50 per year!

There are a few things the iPhone can do that my iPod never could, and that includes GPS. That has been great having the option of using, as I just use Google Maps offline and download several states at a time for any of our travels. It has also been nice to toy with now using GPS with my running apps. Also, the camera is obviously better, so I, of course, enjoy that, too. And lastly, the ability to carry just one device and always know I can be reached in an emergency has given me a great piece of mind.

Summertime Spending Blues

Overall, this month wasn’t painful if it would’ve been without planning. In the end, we’re doing just fine and making our way through these lazy, hazy, hot summer days. Let’s see if next month we can curb our enthusiasm for spending though, as usually we have some leftover at the end of the season and I’m not sure that’ll be happening this year!

I’ll just have to budget more for next year, as I’ve already started finalizing our budget plans for the new school year.

ItemAmountFrugal Mom$ter Musings
Clothing$325.39New running sneakers, a new bathing suit for paddleboarding (and sporty in general), a few wonder woman t-shirts,
Food$860.84Being home means we go to the food store way too much. We need to fix this in July.
Gifts$195.33We celebrated a few events like engagements, graduations, and holidays.
Health & Medical$20.00Chris had to use the Chiropractor twice.
Household$917.31Chris needed his rotors repaired, various trips for household items like gardening and landscaping items.
New Backyard Fence $2,337.50 The first half of our fence payment.
Insurance$109.00 One more month and then we get a few months off from auto insurance.
Leisure$194.48 SUP cart materials, lashing straps, slime for Monkey, and a trip to Washington DC for July!
Pets$32.98 A 50ft leash for Jeter, and frozen food to add to their dinners.
Travel$25.00 EZ-pass renewal
Mobile$800.49 My new iPhone!
Natural Gas$60.00 
Total Spent$8,026.76Wowzers! I don’t think we’ve ever had an expense report this high.
Without Mortgage$6,026.76 
Without the New Fence$3,689.26This is still a lot higher than I’d like, so hopefully, we can bring this down over the summer.

Wondering why some bills may be missing from this report?

The September 2016 Expense Report will answer your questions.