A few runs make all the difference

Just yesterday I wrote about how I’ve felt anxiety before running. I wrote that post at the end of last week, but held off on publishing it for a few days. 

Now what may seem like a complete turn around: I’ve run 4 times since I wrote that post and my reframing my runs has worked tremendously to improve my nerves before my runs. As each run has gradually gotten more difficult (and really not – compared to my old self), I have felt more excited for the challenge.

As I’ve run more I’m realizing how exciting it is to reach new distances and paces. 

A 10:00 pace is nothing to write home about for most runners, as it was even hard to find runners at a 9:00 pace to follow on Instagram! Though a 10:00 pace for me means easy math in my head for splits and training runs. 

I’ve never run a race faster than a 8:27 mile in my hay day, so reaching for a 10:00 pace sounds blissful post babies and all this added weight. I’d by lying though if I didn’t hope to get faster once I drop another 30lbs.

Running and I have become good friends again. Heading out regularly in the evening is proving to be the best time for me, I’m so thankful as I needed it!