Going back to Run Walk Run and Loving It!

I’ve been busy running and walking the last week, so I have been spending a good deal of time on IG where I’ve chosen to share my workouts. With that, I’ve been sucked in to the virtual world of what other runners are up to and watching their stories.

Chris said to me during a complaining moment, “Isn’t it just about finishing distances? You’re not trying to win a race, right? Do what gets you to the finish lines.”

With that, I restarted my run-walk-run plans this week after dealing with knee pain for over a week before. Once my body reached running a straight 15 minutes, knee pain set right in. I’ve decided to stop trying to be a non-stop runner and just go all-in on being a Jeff Galloway convert.

Along with going all in to the run walk idea and adjusting ratios for various distances, I signed up to learn from and meet Jeff Galloway himself, in October! I am super excited to learn directly from him and understand more the benefits of this method.

I started using his run walk run method after having Crab. He’ll be 2 next month already!

I did really well with it, but thought I’d eventually need to run nonstop to get better and faster. With RwR I was able to go from sedentary to running 6 miles in a few short weeks and without injury. I enjoyed my runs as well, but felt ashamed I took walk breaks.

What I’ve learned so far from his method is that it works, and works really well. When I look back at my training logs from that time period I was able to run faster and further in a shorter amount of time without pain or feeling tired after.

Never have I ever run a 6 mile distance and not been on the couch the rest of the day. His method, adjustable to however you wish to run, makes is so I still can have a life after long runs. So, who cares if I take a break for 30 seconds? I think more runners do it than they admit and they still run amazing distances and speeds.

Wow, when did this turn out to be a commercial! Anyway, I am embracing it and I probably won’t constantly talk about it. Instead I’ll be focusing on my future plans and upcoming races.

If you’re curious, I’m currently splitting the 10:00 pace ratio with a 1:30 run and 0:30 walk. This has worked well for me and I think not walking for more than 0:30 at any time keeps my body moving easier than if I took a full minute.

In other news, I have been on a quest to find the right running shorts, and after spending hundreds and returning everything to the stores, I found two old pairs that are the right size that work perfectly. Silly me, I put smaller clothes in the back of my drawers and at some point I’ll be closer to better fitting in them. Now I must shop my drawers first before the store.

I still would like to get one more pair for my 3 runs per week, but I might try it with the two for awhile and let the idea of new duds go for now. Thankfully, when I do impulse shop, I usually return it all within a few days. I never get the best feel for clothes in a store, but once I can walk around at home I find I dislike them often. This current body has been hard to dress.

A side note: food allergies stink. I am finally feeling better after a wild allergic reaction to my regular green smoothie and a summer of nonstop gluten missteps. I have made August the month of not being so easy to try everything and feel the wrath of gluten or eggs anymore. Usually I take my chances when dining out or at someone’s house, but no more. I’m tired of feeling sick and tired.

The summer has been better than I had thought it would be with my kiddos at the ages they are.

Crab has gotten to be so funny like his brother, and they are enjoying each other’s company now too. I thought we’d go on more day trips than we have, but we all seem happy to go with unplanned days and see how they unfold.

With the RwR plan I’m looking forward to getting back out to Standup Paddleboard since each run won’t wipe me out. I probably will be able to paddle after a few runs, when it always seems the best time to get out on our inlet.

If you want to follow regular run updates, join me on IG “katenesi” for all the fun.

I’ll be working on our expense report soon, and I’ve got another fun project in the works, too!