Bugs Bugs Everywhere

I’ve decided I’ll try to post my runs on my blog and take a short break from Instagram. I’ve found that returning to it, I spend quite a bit of time scrolling and watching people’s stories and less time creating or getting other things done I’d like to do! Once upon a time, my first blog was dedicated to my running and half marathon training over ten years ago. That’s how I met my friend Liz!

Overtime my blog has become a space I have shared life and food as well as my fitness wins and fails. And lately, it’s become a minimal point of production in my life as I’ve spent more time back on social media and away from this space. I’d like to change that with posting my workouts and stories here, and instead of seeking likes I’ll just hope you return to read more!

Tonight’s run was a 30 minute run outdoors before the sunset. It was cool and comfortable except for the myriad of nats and other odd bugs that decided to eat me alive.

In the back there, I ran into a neighbor who confirmed my annoyances with the bugs!

My run felt good, but I have a little arch pain after I took my shoes off. I read up on it, and it may be due to the fact that I haven’t switched up the style of running shoe I’ve been running in on all my runs for the past two months.

I need to rotate in more styles to encourage my feet to do their thing and stay strong without relying on the same type of shoe to do the work of lazy muscles. In the meantime, some rolling and stretching will help.

My run was at a 13:00 pace for 2.31 miles in 30 minutes using a 1:30 to :30 ratio of run walk run.

It was not too bad for having run 8 miles (my longest in 3 years) only two days ago. Everything felt great and easy except my arch AFTER my run when I went barefoot.

Here’s to more running!