Growth on the Farm

Monkey and I have been excited in the past few weeks to find lots of great growth on our Suburban farm experiment. We’ve enjoyed a few eggplant, several tomatoes, green and banana peppers, hundreds of jalapeño peppers, and much more.

Here are some images of what is currently growing. Monkey is most excited for the two watermelons that have grown quickly!

We have several eggplant and peppers making their way.

And tomatoes varieties everywhere!

Two beautiful acorn squash have made their journey and I will pick them soon once I find a good recipe.

Anyone in need of jalapeños? We have tons in the freezer and tons more growing. They are starting to turn red, eeek!

After checking up on our farm, Monkey learned how to make and fly his first paper airplane! I am always surprised by all that he has yet to know, I forget these little things we all just know how to do.

That’s all for the farm right now. I have major plans for where our farm will live for next season and where we will abandon ship from the five areas we’ve been testing.

Happy vegetable hunting!