9 miles to the Beach and Back

This morning I set out nervously on a run that was supposed to be about 9.5 miles at a 13:30 or really a 15:00 pace based on my Galloway training plan. I moved up the long run a week earlier so I could put a Magic Mile run the day of a race I’m doing next weekend. I was nervous to run two back to back long run weekends, but now after I don’t think it went all that bad.

I ran 8 miles last weekend and while I felt sore for a day, I was surprised how quickly I recovered and felt fine the rest of the week. I only ran my 30 minute run on Monday, and missed my Friday run to spend time with my Aunt who flew up from Florida to escape Hurricane Irma last weekend. I did get in several half hour walks this week which was more than previous weeks.

My 9 mile run was hot, humid, lacking a breeze despite beautiful views, and just overall a difficult run. I felt good the first half, but ended up walking most of the 8th mile. I ran from my house, out to the beach, down the boardwalk a bit, and back.

I wore my Camelbak Ultra 4 for the first time since Chris gave it to me for Christmas. I was nervous to run with it if it caused any chafing, which gladly it didn’t. I also felt a little ridiculous looking in it at first, but it’s practicality took that feeling away.

I enjoyed having water with me in the heat, but I forgot to pack any midrun snacks, gels, or anything. At about the 6-7th mile I needed to use a bathroom which slowed me down significantly. Women problems. I didn’t actually get to use one until I got home a few miles later!

I definitely sweat beyond belief. Better planning food and liquid wise the day before will help.

Next time I have this long of a run, I plan to go back to the trails. It is a 5 mile loop with portapotties throughout and I can shop at my car if I forget to bring a snack. Plus, it’s shaded!

Overall, I’m pretty pleased at how I felt with just minor right hip pain and not much twinges I had last week. So far, I feel good after even if a little tired. Run walk run for another win!

Total Miles: 9

Pace: 14:27 overall, fastest 13:30, goal 13-15

Not too shabby for being a <2 mile runner two months ago!

2 thoughts on “9 miles to the Beach and Back

  1. My wife and I run 8 miles every Saturday morning and 5 miles on two weekdays. We are both over 60 so our mileage is less than we ran when we were doing marathons. Galloway is something I didn’t like because to make up for the walk periods I felt I had to almost sprint the run sections but it is perfect for a lot of people and is proven to be a great choice. Congrats on your training, you are doing an awesome job!

  2. It’s not for everyone, but I sure find it fabulous that I can get a 9 mile run in and still be able to ride my bike or spend the day out with my family after. Being able to do both with RWR has made a huge impact on my life. I’m not out for time, but for the enjoyment of running so I feel no need to spring to make up for the breaks. If anything, my time has improved organically due to the breaks compared to steady state running this past year. Best of luck to you and your wife!

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