Asbury Park’s One More Tri: Short Race Recap

I had the pleasure last weekend to be a part of the One More Tri in Asbury Park to benefit the Special Olympics. It was a great event, participating alongside those with special needs and my triathlon relay teammates couldn’t have been a better bunch of gals.

Karen organized the triathlon team and was our swimmer. Unfortunately, due to a few hurricanes lurking out in the Atlantic Ocean, her portion became a short beach run. Rebecca was our cyclist extraordinaire, and I finished up the team as the last leg and the runner.

I’ve never done a regular triathlon before, but I have done a sprint triathlon where the swim was replaced with a kayak mile. During that tri, I didn’t have to use a sharpie so putting my number on my arm and my age on my calf was very new to me.

I quickly questioned the gals how to remove the sharpie, because I remember back in school teachers saying you shouldn’t write on yourself with markers. Whew, luckily it came off easily with a little rubbing alcohol!

Since I was last up in our team, I had a good amount of time to hang around and watch the race, cheer for others competing, and get a feel for the atmosphere. I won’t lie and say that waiting around was great, as it gave me more time to become anxious about my race plans and how I wanted to work out the 5k miles. There’s a reason I just run races people. I like to show up, the gun goes off, and I have less time to think about it all!

This was a great race though. We stopped one of the Volunteer Angels after the race to find out more on how we could become Angels to help another person with special needs next year. Each of us may sign up next fall to be an Angel to a participant for the various legs of the race we competed in this year. Now that sounds like a lot of fun!

Overall, the race was a bit chaotic and not exactly easy to navigate. The information changed on the last day as to where to park, what legs were changed, and the courses weren’t entirely marked as well as other races I’ve done. There was a tremendous amount of volunteer help which was great. I think with the race that had probably about 5 different types or lengths of distances going on at the same time added some confusion.

In the end, I was very pleased to see that they offered gluten-free options among their rather large spread of post-race refreshments. Unfortunately, those still contained egg, bummer, but I wrote them to thank them anyway!

Not to be lazy the rest of the day, when I returned home Monkey and I went out for a paddle on the river. We finally made it under the little bridge near our house to see the other side, because we hit the water at high tide. It was weird to be on that side of the water, but fun at the same time!

After our paddle, we pulled up on a small section of beach sand for Monkey to play a little while longer. The day was as if it was a hot summer date, despite it being the end of September!

With the heat, my time was slower for the 5k than I would’ve liked, but I also took it easy. I rounded out the team with a 33:54 for my finish time. That’s below the 35-minute mark I was shooting for, I only walked a :30 clip in each mile, and if I didn’t have another race planned coming up I would’ve pushed harder.

Not too shabby for a weekend’s work.