We’re Always on the Move Cycling Around Town

It’s Friday, and who couldn’t be more excited about the weekend ahead of us. It’s supposed to be decent weather, and perfect for more bike rides.

Last weekend, before the triathlon race, we rode our bikes down to the beach. I dropped off the boys at a playground with Daddy, and continued further down the boardwalk to pickup my race packet and returned to meetup with them.

Riding bikes as a family has been one of my happiest moments. I love when we’re on the go, together, and getting fresh air. I love the area we live in, where we can hop on our bikes (or I can run) right down to the beach, the boardwalk, or go out to eat. It’s so nice to live in a somewhat bikeable area.

At the playground, Monkey asked if he could take some pictures of Mom and Dad. We obliged, happily relaxing in the only shady area of the playground.

Monkey had a great time trying new options at a different than normal playground.

Then the boys, big and small, had some fun with Chris’ drone in a grassy area along the boardwalk. This burned off quite a bit of energy!

We ended up deciding on the way home to stop for dinner at Bubbakoos. We had never been and figured we’d go.

Then it was finally home and to clean up for bedtime.

I love weekends when we are not busy with commitments but are able to go explore around us as we feel. Soon though, Monkey needs to start riding his own bike because it’s getting snug in that trailer for them both!

Enjoy your weekend! Get out and do something active.