September 2017 Frugal Mom$ter Expense Report: Clothes to the Rescue

September proved to be a positive month for our expenses. We managed to keep several areas trimmed within range of our September 2016 report, our lowest one to date. If we had not prepaid a small amount in our standard mortgage payment, we would’ve been within last year’s expenses by around $100 or so.

Buying Clothes

This past month did prove to be a month where I had to update my wardrobe. With taking a year off of clothing shopping, I saved quite a bit, but I never lost the weight I had thought I would and therefore still squeezing into uncomfortable clothes more than a year or two later was proving unmotivating and difficult to continue on with.

So, last month I purchased a few new items to wear to work and several workout shirts to replace smaller or too large ones. Now, I feel very much excited to get dressed most days because I have clothing that fits. Of course, now I’ll lose said weight and I kept that in mind, as only a few items will be too big to fit without a belt.

Food Food Food

Another month went by and our food budget exploded. Going to Costco is proving to be quite the expensive addition to food shopping this year. So, I have a plan of action to remove that temptation and also keep our spending in check when we do arrive there.

In the end, I’m pretty happy with how our month shook out. Cutting back on some food expenditures and cleaning out the cabinets will help keep October low. Stopping the spending on clothes will be great, but October does involve a weekend away which might keep the food expenses a bit higher. We will see!

Let’s see how September shook out…

ItemAmountFrugal Mom$ter Musings
Clothing$296.87I broke down and bought a few new pairs of pants and tops for work, as well as workout shirts that fit me. I couldn’t go much longer in the hopes of losing weight to fit into uncomfortable clothes eventually.
Donations$25.00Hurricane relief for a religious effort.
Food$1,000.55This included our anniversary day and date, as well as a few dinners out, and a trip to Costco. Way over budget!
Household$28.00Wow, this number has never been so small. No new projects this month!
Leisure$20.00Books from Monkey’s book sale at school.
Mortgage$2,253.28The extra is for an escrow shortage, but it’s not really a shortage and I won’t go there again.
Travel$50.00 Ezpass gets us again!
Total Spent$3,842.95Only $300~ more than this time last year and only about $100 over considering we pad our mortgage payment now.
Without Mortgage$1,842.95Not too shabby for the month, as we cut back quite a bit heading back to work all day. We spent nothing in the way of pets, not much for our household or for leisure pursuits. We’re back on track, and just need to watch our food budget and dinners out. Otherwise, I’d say I’m pleased we got out of our summer spendy habits.

Wondering why some bills may be missing from this report?

The September 2016 Expense Report will answer your questions.