Atlantic City Marathon Series Weekend: Part 2 – 5k Race Recap

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The race director kindly told me I could drop down to just the 10k or the 5k and skip the half, but to just let them know for sure that day. It was the deadline for any changes. I hesitated and talked it over with Chris (he was tired of hearing about my anxiety over it) and I decided I could just walk the 5k and run the half if I really thought I couldn’t do both. Again, how could I not run the half after meeting Galloway?!I confidently wrote the race director back to keep my registration as is. I was going to do it.

Now, I’ll get my 10-mile run done after I just clean the house first. And then… I bent over to plug in a vacuum and injured my back. Three weeks before the race, the worst thing possible went wrong and here I was now terrified of what lay before me.

16.2 miles. 16.2 miles. 16.2 miles…

I never ran another long run after that 9 miles the week before. I actually didn’t run for two weeks at all. No training. Everything stopped. A standstill. My anxiety skyrocketed.

By the weekend before the race, I knew it was too late to complete any serious mileage. Galloway likes you to complete the total distance a few weeks before the race, so therefore you don’t hit the proverbial wall because by the race you’ve pushed that wall further back. I was going to run 16.2 miles on a weekend, on a total of 9 miles distance training. Oh boy.

The Saturday before the race I opted to go for a short 30-minute run to see how my back was. Luckily, it didn’t hurt during running, and not too much after. Then I decided to try for a 10k distance the next day to simulate the back to back running days of the races ahead. I completed both days of running, felt a bit tired and sore, but confident I could maybe, possibly, get this accomplished.

Heading into the 5k race, I was nervous. Should I just walk it and then run the next day? No, I didn’t want two losses if for some reason I had to DNF the half. So, I chose to push myself just a bit more than normal to race the 5k with Galloway’s method, and then see how I felt after. It wasn’t my best time, but it sure wasn’t my worst either considering how warm it was on the boardwalk that morning (and how dehydrated I was and nervous to eat anything for fear of being gluten-ed!).

The Atlantic City Marathon Series 5k race was run alongside a 10k race. It was a good field of participants, and I quickly realized based on bib colors that very few people were doing both days of races. Like, maybe 3 other people it felt like. What on earth was I thinking?

The AC races were well put together. The expo was lacking quite a bit compared to other large race expos I’ve been to, but that just made it easier not to spend money!

The 5k race had water stops and was an out and back course on the boardwalk. Mile markers were in place. The race wasn’t a huge field, but just the right size.

We stayed at Bally’s where the race was being held, so below our window was the post-race garden with refreshments and freebies. There were a ton of freebies from bagels and bananas, to yogurt, and cold brews. It did not disappoint. It was also nice to ride right up on the elevator after to clean up, have a snack, and head back down to the Galloway workshop.

My 5k time was a decent 35:10 using the 1:30/:30 ratio of run/walk/run. I was tired from the week before, and nervous about what was to come the next day. In the end, I was glad I at least put in some effort for once! The medal was very nice, too.

Tomorrow… what I learned from Jeff Galloway.