Atlantic City Marathon Series Weekend: Part 3 – Meeting Jeff Galloway

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After the 5k race, being happy I didn’t just walk it, I cleaned up and headed to the Park Room to meet Jeff Galloway. I wasn’t sure how many people sign up for his courses or what the experience would be like. Would there be personal attention or will it be a packed room without access to ask questions?I walked in a few minutes early, and there he was. Mr. Jeff Galloway. The man whom I’ve come to adore for all he’s given me through his books and his method. And then I realized, it was a small class. About 10-15 of us, right up front and personal with him.

I don’t feel starstruck much, as I worked in television for a small show known as the Late Show with Conan O’Brien before I became a librarian. I met a lot of people there and realized, we’re all just people. But, I tell you, my heart did skip a beat when I saw Jeff in the flesh and heard his welcoming southern voice. “Come on in, welcome. Welcome.”

The workshop was 3 hours long. It was the best 3 hours of my running learning experience. Jeff went through the philosophy behind his method which jives so well with what my anthropology degree taught me about the origin of the human species and what our bodies were initially designed and evolved to do regarding running.

How did I never put these two together? I had done so much research in college on our evolution, and yet I never thought to put that idea together with the methods in running. We weren’t meant to run non-stop for hours. We were meant to run in starts and stops, and his method just organizes it a bit more for easier use.

Jeff went over the ideas behind it, mental training which was a HUGE barrier for my running experience, and then we discussed the actual method, the drills, and magic miles, as well as nutrition. We had an open discussion, lots of questions, and were able to just have a conversation about all of our experiences, our goals, our hopes, and how we’ve been using the method.

There were people there who have used the Galloway method for 15 years! Others have never run a day and wanted to get started. Some of us started out skeptical, and then totally fell in love with the concepts behind it. I wanted to put Jeff Galloway in my pocket and take him home with me. He is just the kindest, warmest person I’ve ever met who is so passionate and lends his passion to all in the room.

At the end of the workshop, I decided to purchase his book on mental training, which he signed for me and wrote, “Stay Positive!” which I knew was a message from him from a question I had asked about my own issues with confidence in being a runner.

I’ve been a runner for 15 years, and yet I still don’t know if I am a real runner. Well, Jeff made that clear to me, and clear how amazing his method will impact my running life and future. I knew it before I walked in, but he helped me to see what I did not know or did not have the words to express.

I have no full words to express how I felt going into that room and how I felt a changed person coming out of that room. My entire thought process, mind, goals, and everything shifted. I felt a huge inner change that is now gravitating outward.

Thank you, Jeff. Thank you. I will stay positive.

In the end, I also purchased his timer beeper. My biggest issue with my Garmin was that I couldn’t change my run/walk ratios on the run. I had to commit or reset the entire watch, pace, distance, and all in order to modify my run.

His timer is one that I can easily change up on the run (and did so a few times, you’ll learn tomorrow). It is loud so that others know I’m going to slow to a walk or startup for a run. It vibrates, so when I am training I don’t need to beep to let others know. And, if I feel like I just want to go run for while, I can leave all my gear at home and clip it to my shorts. No phone apps needed, or other GPS monitoring. Just this little device.

I left feeling excited and hopeful for the half marathon the next day. I figured I would start and just see how far I could get. If I have to be picked up by the sweeper bus or medical, so be it. But I was going to try my hardest and do my best.

Tomorrow… the half marathon race recap. The story gets even more amazing!