October 2017 Frugal Mom$ter Expense Report: Spooky Spending

I was tempted to skip this month’s expense report, as I was hopeful it would end up being our lowest spending month, but alas it was not. It marks right up there in some of our higher months. While I did my best to keep our food costs low, we did travel this month and the running bug has bitten me again.

Free Activities

Went spent the majority of October outdoors. The weather in the northeast has been unusually warm, so we enjoyed a lot of free activities like family bike rides. In addition, we went to a local park “day” event and enjoyed running around and an inexpensive $4 hayride to take the boys on. Crab was happy to jump off the hay the whole time!

At that free fun day, they had kids races. So, Crab and Monkey entered into their age group races. Crab had to be held off for several minutes, so once it was time to go he stood there… It’s funny knowing him so well and how he takes off and this image of him in the back of the pack!

Monkey as well loves to run, but again I had to hold him off and then when they finally said, “Go!” he was unsure if he could actually go!

Weekend Away to Atlantic City

Chris and I spent a weekend away in Atlantic City without the boys. It actually turned out rather well, other than the hotel cost which seemed a bit pricey, we only ate out for two meals and ended up at the same place both nights. I was hesitant to go to many places for fear of being glutened or egged before either of my road races. The food turned out to be delicious at the AC Snack Shack and I felt great after both meals which was a win in my book!

After the first night’s dinner, we took a walk on the boardwalk for a short while. We were both tired, and I had to get up early to run the next day so we didn’t stay out too late. We did, however, find the cutest gift for Monkey for Christmas! The world’s smallest vacuum! We couldn’t resist.

We don’t gamble unless it’s on the stock market via low-cost index funds. However, I gave Chris $5 to gamble with and I used $5 myself. He promptly lost it in about 5 seconds, I managed to make $20 after all was said and done. I only start with $5 and play until it gets up to a decent amount and then walk away.

Originally, I played $5 and got to $30. Then I walked away being up $25. After Chris lost his money, we played another $5 the next day and walked away empty handed. So, therefore, after his loss and my second loss, we were up $20. We’ll never be heavy hitters at the craps tables, and that’s quite alright with us!

Doctor Visits!

Eye doctor visits rounded out this month. Monkey had been saying off and on he couldn’t see certain things, so we went in for a check-up. After all the tests, he came back with perfect eyesight. Man, I’m jealous!

Birthday Party

Right before Halloween, we also got to celebrate our buddy Ollie’s 2nd birthday with a lovely brunch.

DIY Car Maintenance

And after the party, we worked on my car together. Monkey helped me change my air filter and the oil in my car. Earlier in the week, I had my tires replaced and Monkey came along to hang out. Then we vacuumed and cleaned the windows. It feels so nice to drive a clean car again!

Pumpkin Hats!

Brotherly love is so sweet to see. These two boys are always hugging, and knocking each other over, on a regular basis. Crab is so loving and Monkey cares so much for his brother. They absolutely love their knitted pumpkin hats from our neighbor, too!

Their Costumes Are…

And watch out for these two on patrol today. They’ll be celebrating Halloween in free costumes. Yes, free! Our county park system had a free costume swap event last month. We dropped off a bunch of costumes one week, then went back with our tokens to pick out new costumes. Monkey chose these two. Thankfully, Crab loves it. Aren’t they just handsome little guys?

I highly recommend starting or seeking out a costume swap in your area. I can’t believe how many costumes were available, and I’m sure a lot of people didn’t even know about the swap. When I think of all the costumes we’ve had (mostly giveaways) which all have been worn once or twice, it’s a no-brainer. These two have cute costumes, I didn’t have to spend a dime, and next year I’ll recycle them to someone else. Win-win and eco-friendly!

Happy Halloween!!

Let’s see how October’s expenses exceeded my plans…

ItemAmountFrugal Mom$ter Musings
Clothing$64.91 two new pairs of shoes for work
Donations$139.96 all to Monkey’s school fundraisers
Food$860.14 kept it low, but a $200 trip to Costco got me once again!
Gifts$33.12 started picking up items for Christmas!
Health & Medical$30 a dermatologist visit for me and an eye doctor visit for Monkey
Household$618.68 the Rav4 needed new tires, a good deal after shopping around; and some new vacuum filters
Leisure$477.02 books for Monkey, Galloway signed book & timer, registering for 3 races (one in November, one in December, and one next October!), and a massager for running
Mortgage$2,000.00 standard payment
Pets$26.71 I finally bought Costco dog food and so far the pups love it!
Travel$381.60 our stay over two nights in Atlantic City for the races and training; we only ate out twice for about $30-40 per dinner!
Natural Gas$61.90 
Total Spent$4,889.91Yowzers!
Without Mortgage$2,889.91 

Wondering why some bills may be missing from this report?

The September 2016 Expense Report will answer your questions.

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  1. Hey, just to break it to you gently. Don’t expect two boys to be affectionate for much longer. Instead they will likely spend most of the next 13 years fighting, often quite roughly. They will still like each other but it will drive you crazy because it will not seem like it. Plus there will be some collateral damage to walls, lamps, etc. I still fondly remember exactly where I threw my brother through the sheet rock in my bedroom.

  2. No worries, I dated my husband and watched him and his brother go toe to toe the first few years of our relationship. My hope is they stay close as they grow into adults! I also had rows with my siblings, so I’m glad they are loving for the time that they are 🙂

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