Cheesequake State Park HASHaTHON 6 Mile Race Recap

This morning I ran the 6 mile HASHaTHON race in Cheesequake State Park. It was only the second time I’ve run it, but for years I’ve wanted to go back to do it again. This must be the season for me to go back and finally do the things I’ve been planning to do for a decade, right?

The race was a lot more difficult than I remembered it to be. Ten years (maybe?) and two kids later and my memory is a big foggy.

There were tree roots every step of the way, with few flat portions. A ton of uphills and twisty steep downhills only to go back up and down again. This definitely was a different test mentally and physically than the half weekend last month.

Also, ten years later and two kids later my bladder behaved wildly different than last time. I guess with all the bumping up and jumping around I should’ve worn a diaper. Sigh, the perils of motherhood and racing.

I ran using Galloway’s timer for a 30/30 split. It wasn’t a true run walk run with that split as mostly I ran the flats and downhills and walked uphills (or climbed really)! I just kept to that ratio so I could remember to give myself a break throughout the race as needed and kept it on vibrate so as not to distract from the scenic beauty of the trails.

The ratio proved to work for me. I finished slower (obviously) than that first race as I’m quite heavier and more out of shape, but I also took it easy and stopped to take in the scenes and take some photos.

In the end, I picked off about 8 people in the last two miles and two more in the last quarter mile. One guy was working so hard I didn’t have the desire to pass him at the finish line. It wasn’t going to make the race any better for me if I did and might have made it worse for him.

I don’t plan to do this trail race again anytime soon. There were a few spots I rolled my ankle and I’d rather not get injured. I’m all about running for the fun of it and for long term.

The race was well marked (better than I remember) and lots of water and ahem beer stops. I cannot park-take in that fun anymore as it’s always gluten-laden! They even brought in fresh hot pizzas at the end… man life sucks sometimes.

Anyway, I hung around to find I didn’t win any awards (is that any surprise?). I still have a good shot at awards when I hit the next age bracket in five years…

Update: I forgot to add that I totally was “carded” and asked for ID when I tried to go into the post race party area!! That felt good, but I told the lady I just wanted the free cup to bring home to my son because I can’t drink the brews. Yay for pigtail buns and covering my grays with a quick crocheted headband I made the day before!

4 thoughts on “Cheesequake State Park HASHaTHON 6 Mile Race Recap

  1. You can’t have the beer or the pizza? Oh that is a bummer. It’s all about the beer post race. Well hopefully GF beers will become more prevalent at races. Or maybe you can ice chest some in your car. Congrats on finishing. I hear you about running and the changes that come after motherhood. You did great. And I love the pic about running being cheaper than therapy. Sometimes I think it works better than for me. That was nice you let the guy pass the finish line. Looked like a nice run. Makes me want to get back into it.

  2. I didn’t even think to bring my own Akiko, that is a great idea. I did notice some people brought their own and were enjoying it before the race, so definitely something to consider. I think a race like this would be more fun as well if I had someone to do it with, as most races I do alone. I hope you get back out there and enjoy running or racing again 🙂

  3. Hey, Kate. The park looks great. Thanks for sharing it and your experience with the HASHaTHON. And I had no idea they now serve beer at races. Perhaps it’s time to take up running?

  4. Any races or running groups with the term “Hash” in them, like “Hash House Harriers” is where they focus on the brews at the same time as running! Some groups run from bar to bar as part of their races, too.

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