#EDCampNJ 2017

Chris has been an organizer of EDCampNJ for several years now and took the lead on this year’s conference hosting it at his school. I’ve been to EDCamps before and they are just an awesome day of sharing, learning, and connecting with passionate educators.

Above is Chris with other great organizers of the event.

EDCamps are free and the conference evolves right in front of your eyes. The topics are posted up by those interested in presenting or directing a conversation on any topic they choose. I wish every PD day was designed like this. The conversations that could be had in a small group of educators in the same district would be awesome.

Time is given to get the ideas up on the board and then you’re off and running. Plus, you’re free to hop in and out of sessions, no hard feelings, because you don’t have to commit to that session and see it through to the end.

I attended a bunch of sessions, some on Failing Up and others on Professional Learning Communities. I know many others were learning great things about social media or other technologies as well.

I want to present or start a discussion next time on frugal living and personal finance for educators. Sounds good right?

They also had amazing side areas of makerspace items to check out and companies to learn from.

The prizes they give away are always sweet, too. This unconference had a TON of prizes to give away including a Chromebook, Kindles, and a variety of other tech gadgets or memberships for your class or school. Thousands of dollars!

I haven’t been to as many EDCamps as I would like, since someone has to watch the kids while Chris is away all day. This year we managed to wrangle up childcare for early morning hours and get to spend time together learning.

I look forward to the next opportunity to attend again, because while I can no longer enjoy all the mountains of free food (boo gluten!) I definitely walk away with new connections and new ideas. It invigorates my passion for being the steward of my library and always seeking to help others.

And we ended our day with seeing The Justice League movie which was well done, too.

Though Wonder Woman has been the best so far…