November 2017 Frugal Momster Expense Report – Here Comes Santa Claus!

November was a fun month! We spent a large majority of time outdoors as the weather continued to hold out and stay warm for quite some time. I’d venture to say we’ll be doing the same in December!

Liberty Science Center

For one of our Christmas gifts to our boys, we signed up for a yearlong membership at the Liberty Science Center. For the price of two visits, we can go all year.

LSC holds a special place in my heart! My family became one of the first members when it was being built. We actually visited this place when it first started before construction was even done. We were the first through the touch tunnels and to see and do all the activities the first year before it opened to the public. I loved it and it continued to grow my love of science and experimenting! Frozen spaceman ice cream anyone?

It has changed quite a bit since I remember it as a kid, but still tons of fun things to do. They rotate exhibits out regularly, so as new things come in you’re learning all sorts of new science. Monkey had a blast trying everything out and found every device that was vacuum-like in the place.

I convinced Monkey to go through the touch tunnel with me. It was fun to do it again and much easier than I remember it to be when I was a kid.

Monkey and I went off together and Chris and Crab spent the day together. This was it was easier for both the boys to find and do their more age-appropriate activities. Crab had a blast and we’ll be heading back again quite soon with them.

Decorating for Christmas!

We Chris and Monkey decorated the house the day after Thanksgiving. It came out beautiful as always. This photo doesn’t include the additional wooden Christmas tree Chris made last weekend to add to the decor. I love it and coming home to it the nights that I work!

Monkey decorated the Christmas tree by himself!

He and Chris put it up together, but he took over the ornament decoration after Chris did the lights and garland. Monkey did a great job making sure no ornaments hung low (we weren’t sure of Jeter’s reaction) and no breakables were within Crab’s hands. Our tree is decorated mainly in the middle quadrant! It looks great and I was happy to sit and crochet while he worked to decorate.

Within the month of November, I completed all of our Christmas shopping. I have a few odds and ends to pick-up and to plan for hosting the Christmas day dinner, but otherwise, we’re all set. We’re decorated, our schedule is planned out, and we’re ready to wrap everything! I am finishing a few handmade gifts, which will be a nice added touch to what we’ve I’ve picked out for everyone.

November 2017 Frugal Mom$ter Expense Report

November was a big spender, but I don’t feel bad about it at all this month. For some reason, buying gifts for others and helping them out doesn’t feel like spending the way that spending on useless things does. Plus, I think we did rather well with our decisions on purchases and managed to save a little in the process.

Here’s how the month shook out:

ItemAmountFrugal Mom$ter Musings
Clothing$63.09 Two new purses and leggings for me. My old purse was 2 years old and they no longer made it, so I bought 2 of the kind I like to switch out over the coming years. Who knew, I only have ever had compression leggings for running, so I decide to try a two-pack from Costco to be super comfy when I’m home.
Donations$143.93 To the local food bank.
Food$953.51 Wow, we stayed under $1,000!
Gifts$1,193.18 Christmas gifts are all bought and hopefully will be wrapped soon!
Health & Medical$187.72 Eyeglasses (and sunglasses) for the husband and I. We use
Household$598.96 Home decor from IKEA, Vacuum filters, Home Depot visits for Monkey, a new large humidifier, some gift wrapping, and decorations.
Insurance$-6.40 We received a dividend check for the previous year.
Leisure$101.40 A road race for Monkey and I, a haircut for Crab, and a night out to see Justice League!
Pets$50.11 Found a new way to use Kong toys to keep my dogs busy and they love their own food now as a treat! Bought several to rotate (may get a few more), and therefore I’ll save tons on bully sticks! This also included human grade frozen food to top their bowls. I buy from “Tylees” which was on sale BOGO.
Travel$550.00 Whoop whoop! It’s time to vacay! We deposited on a cruise next year. First trip in almost 11 years when we go!
Electric$78.00 Utilities went up.
Internet$70.57 And up.
Natural Gas$64.00 And up.
Water$36.50 And up.
Total Spent$6,096.98What a whopper! This included our budgeted Christmas gifts, so I’d say we did pretty decently this month.
Without Mortgage$4,084.57 

Wondering why some bills may be missing from this report?

The September 2016 Expense Report will answer your questions.