December 2017 Mortgage Pay-Off Update

I’m back with a quick mortgage payoff update. In December, we didn’t hit a huge mark in paying down the mortgage, as my shifts ended mid-month for the little extra I contribute. However, we still made a nice dent in the debt on our way out of 2017.

December 2017 Mortgage Numbers

  • Starting December: $210,223.80
  • Prepaid December: $2,401.00
  • Ending December: $207,417.67

An extra look back at 2017 as a whole:

  • Starting January 2017: $223,052.97
  • Ending December 2017: $207,417.67

In addition to our regular payments, the little extra each month, and now putting the pedal to the metal on paying down our mortgage we’ve cut a whopping $26,000 or so from our mortgage bill in just one year. That’s tremendous when our original mortgage amortization would have had us at still owning $221,767.40 at this point in the process.

Next year, it’ll be an even bigger discrepancy as we continue on this journey. Once we get below $200,000 I’ll feel great, and once below $150,000, I’ll feel like we’re making serious progress.

Here’s to 2018 and digging out from under the mortgage debt while we live luxuriously frugal!