Brightening Up a Cold Day

I’m going to brag a moment on this cold winter day. Chris is so great to surprise me at times. In the past, every few years I’d get a random delivery at work. This year, he did not disappoint with sending my favorite flowers on a blustery cold day. He knows I don’t like wasting money on such things, but he always tells me he got a good sale.

These flowers have been a nice reminder of what we’re both working towards and how we’re both very much in this together. We don’t always get to spend a ton of time alone together with little kids running around and our various personal projects outside of work, but we still enjoy each other’s company just as much as when we first started dating almost 15 years ago.

My goal during this time of young kids and little private time is to keep our passion alive for each other and lifting each other up so that when our children go off into the world we’re not left staring at each other not knowing each other well. I think podcasting and being in a similar field with joint passions helps, but also being on opposing sides of issues makes for good discussion.

He always encourages me to get outside of my box, and I am always trying to help him realize what a gift he is to the world with his passions and how he helps people. Both of us focus on helping others however we can, and with our financial goals in mind, that’ll give us even more freedom to do good work in the world as we grow.

We’re both not happy with how our bodies look or how we’ve been taking care of ourselves, but we’re now supporting each other in the quest for better health and personal challenges. We’ll be discussing more of that on the Lifelong Learning Podcast in the future. I am thankful for his ever persistent belief in me and what I can accomplish and for challenging me in new areas which I had originally challenged him in.

He wouldn’t be a podcaster without my strong suggestion to do so, and I would not be one now without his.

Monkey made me this beautiful heart out of my extra yarn laying on the table one day and it reminds me of how we want our family to grow together, always learning, and caring for each other and others in our lives.

Finally, before this gets too mushy, I do have to share a hilarious picture Chris sent to me of our family which he Family Guyed us. I love how he made himself somewhat skinnier, and I’m the heavier one… He does grimace like that often when I start to say “gluten… “, so I guess that’s accurate.

Here’s an updated version he made that’s more realistic…

Go have fun and do it yourself! Share your image below!