January 2018 Mortgage Pay-Off Update

Surprise! Happy New Year. January got off to a great start paying down our mortgage. It was the highest month of prepayments thus far. Don’t get too excited just yet, I will be shifting gears ever so slightly in the coming months to reach a few other financial goals before hammering harder at this wall of debt in front of us.

January 2018 Mortgage Numbers

  • Starting January: $207,417.67
  • Prepaid January: $3,308.00
  • Ending January: $203,678.90

Look at that beautiful dip in the graph that is occurring!

We are so close to making our first goal, I’m tempted to just throw a bit extra in there to bring it under the big $200k! You’ll have to check back next month to find out what we decided to do.

Interested to see how far we’ve come from the start?

Check out September 2017’s beginning numbers.

One thought on “January 2018 Mortgage Pay-Off Update

  1. That’s a big dip, Kate. Congratulations. Can’t wait to see the mortgage balance go below $200K. There’s nothing like the feeling of owning your home outright. My guess is that you’ll experience that feeling in 10 years or less. Life is good!

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